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Sam Raimi has introduced us to The Evil Dead, taken us to new heights with Spider-Man, and showed us sheer terror in Drag Me To Hell. Next up, the filmmaker with a B-movie taste for gore and goofiness will take us deep into the wonderful world of Oz, to a time before that girl and her little dog touched down in their flying house.

Oz The Great and Powerful serves as prequel to the iconic Wizard of Oz, and tells the tale of how conniving Kansas magician Oscar Diggs became the greatest wizard the magical land of Oz had ever known. There he gets involved in a war between witches, and thanks to Jimmy Kimmel Live, we get a peak into some of this action. The first clip shows young good witch Glinda (Michelle Williams) traveling via her trademark bubble, with the anxious Oscar (James Franco) in tow.

In the interview section, Franco explains to Kimmel that to prepare for the role of his womanizing magician, he went to Las Vegas for two weeks to train with real-life illusionist Lance "Master of Magic" Burton. There he learned an illusion involving doves and fire. But don't expect to see it in the movie as Franco laments these scenes have been cut.

The second clip comes from Rachel Weisz's appearance on the show. Here we see her as Evanora arguing with her sister and fellow witch Theodora (Mila Kunis). When magic is involved, sisterly spats get heated fast.

Oz The Great and Powerful will hit theaters on March 8th. For more about the movie—including a string of trailers, an impressive image gallery, and more—check out our Blend Film Database.

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