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One 24 Star Wants To Come Back Even Though We Thought They Died

24 killed off a lot of characters during its run on Fox, but one star believes its not too late for one character to return despite an apparent death.

24 Might Be Getting A Completely Different Kind Of Spinoff At Fox

It seems that 24 is coming back in a way that many of us likely didn't even expect. Here's what we know about the spinoff of the fan-favorite action series.

Another 24 Reboot Is Probably Happening, But Expect Some Major Differences

24 was a ratings juggernaut for Fox over the years, but the cancellation of 24: Legacy earlier this year seemed to indicate the end of the action. Now we know otherwise. Here's what's happening.

Supergirl Season 3 Cast A 24 Vet To Cause Some Personal Drama

Season 3 of Supergirl is looking to get dramatic, as a well known 24 veteran is added to the cast.

24: Legacy Cancelled By Fox, But It's Not All Bad News

Fox has finally made the big decision about the future of 24: Legacy. While it won't be back, there is some good news.

Where 24: Legacy Season 2 Stands, According To The Showrunner

Now that 24: Legacy has come to an end, fans are wondering what's up with the chances for Season 2. Here's what the showrunner has to say.

The Weird Story On How 24's Tony Almeida Got His Name

There are few characters on 24 as dynamic as Tony Almeida, whose role has changed significantly over the course of the series. And it all started with a pretty odd name change.

Fox Apologizes For 24: Legacy Using Footage From An Actual Terrorist Attack

Expectations were high for Fox's new 24 series, but viewers got something they weren't expecting when a recent episode included real footage.

24: Legacy Review: Fox's Thrilling Reboot Feels A Little Too Familiar

24: Legacy certainly plays to the strengths of the franchise, but it still has a way to go towards escaping the shadow of Jack Bauer.

Why The 24 Movie Never Happened, According To The Producer

After 24 went off the air, there was talk about continuing Jack's adventures on the big screen. Here's the reason those plans didn't end up coming to fruition.

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Why 24: Legacy Almost Wasn't A 24 Spinoff At All

The new series is expected to feature a new cast and a new terrorist threat, so it's not going to totally be like any other 24 season prior. So why make 24: Legacy a revival series at all?

24: Legacy Is Bringing Back One Of 24's Most Popular Characters

24: Legacy is adding its first cast member from the original show to its ranks. Find out which fan favorite character is coming back for the spin off.

What Kiefer Sutherland Misses Most About 24

Kiefer Sutherland brought a new brand of action hero to the small screen as Jack Bauer in the 24 franchise. He's moved on from the show that made him a TV star, but it turns out that there's something he really misses about his time on 24.

How Jack Bauer Could Return

The upcoming companion series 24: Legacy has everyone in the mood for more Jack Bauer, and while Kiefer Sutherland has been wishy-washy about reprising the role in the past, he has something of a new stance.

Kiefer Sutherland's Designated Survivor Already Has A 24 Reunion Planned

Everybody has been talking about Kiefer Sutherland reprising Jack Bauer in 24: Legacy, but little did we know that the real CTU reunion was actually going to come to Sutherland's new ABC drama Designated Survivor.

How Kiefer Sutherland Feels About Returning To TV

Though Kiefer Sutherland has spent more years of his career on the big screen than on television, he's most celebrated as 24's Jack Bauer. Here's how he feels about returning to TV for his new ABC drama.

24: Legacy May Bring Back A Beloved 24 Character, Here's What We Know

The 24 franchise has amassed a vast ensemble of characters over the years, and some have been more popular than others. One of the most popular may end up on the upcoming 24: Legacy reboot.

What Kiefer Sutherland Wanted Jack Bauer's Fate On 24 To Be

We currently have our fingers crossed that the terrorist-deflecting Jack Bauer will return for the upcoming spinoff, although it's hard to know whether Kiefer Sutherland will do it or not. Especially after knowing how what the actor wanted to do with his iconic character.

Jack Bauer Could Return In 24: Legacy, Here's What We Know

I think it was Benjamin Franklin who coined the phrase "A Jack Bauer's day is only done when a Jack Bauer himself is done." And we might very well see Jack Bauer again in the near future.

Damn It, The 24: Legacy Trailer Is Thrilling And Action-Packed

Fox has released the first trailer for the spinoff 24: Legacy, and most of our doubts about a Jack Bauer-free 24 have been put into a chokehold and then dropkicked out of a moving bus.

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