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David O. Russell's ABSCAM Thriller Will Now Be Called American Hustle

We've known from the project's earliest stages that the title American Bullshit was never going to fly, and so David O. Russell’s ABSCAM drama now is going with the more marketable title American Hustle.

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Boardwalk Empire's Jack Huston Signs On For David O. Russell's ABSCAM Movie

Jack Huston, who stars as World War I vet Richard Harrow on the hit HBO gangster series, is the latest actor to sign up for a role in the upcoming drama. Based on true events, the new movie tells the story of how a con artist and his partner were forced to work with the FBI...

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David O. Russell's Next Movie Coming This December

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is just like everybody else, and its jubilance for most things is guided by the last thing its collective brain can remember. As such, the end of the year is usually when studios stampede their Oscar bait out in limited releases. David O. Russell probably doesn’t need that kind of insurance, but nobody is taking anything for granted these days

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Jennifer Lawrence Reuniting With David O. Russell And Bradley Cooper For FBI Thriller

David O. Russell had a bad reputation for working with actors thanks to on-set brush-ups with George Clooney (on Three Kings) and Lily Tomlin (on I Heart Huckabees). But he appears to have mellowed severely over the years, and now his cast members often return for the director’s follow-up gigs. Mark Wahlberg has been in multiple Russell films, from Kings to The Fighter.

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Louis C.K. Could Join Christian Bale And Bradley Cooper In David O. Russell's Next

If David O. Russell has proven anything with his last two films it's that he's become an expert at getting Oscar nominations for his actors. In 2010 Christian Bale and Melissa Leo both took home golden statues for their parts in The Fighter (while Amy Adams got a nomination too) and just yesterday it was announced that Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro and Jacki Weaver are all Academy Award nominees for their roles in Silver Linings Playbook.

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Amy Adams Reunites With David O. Russell For The Director's Next Project

Just yesterday director David O. Russell was forced to replace Christian Bale with Jeremy Renner in his upcoming drama, formerly known as American Bullshit. While Renner is certainly a fine actor, it was a blow to the project simply because we all still remember just how powerful Bale was in Russell's The Fighter.

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Jeremy Renner Replacing Christian Bale In David O. Russell's Upcoming Drama

Christian Bale was doing quite fine career-wise before starring in The Fighter, but what he created with David O. Russell was the performance of a lifetime. Playing former boxer/crack addict Dicky Eklund, Bale dropped 30 pounds and completely disappeared into the character to the point that you actually have to remind yourself that you're watching the same actor who plays Batman.

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Bradley Cooper May Join Christian Bale In American Bullshit

He's already been making plans for his next project, which will probably be American Bullshit and would reunite him with The Fighter star Christian Bale, and now it seems that movie might be getting even closer to reality, with funding in place and yet another Russell veteran up to join it

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Christian Bale And David O. Russell May Reunite On American Bullshit

With his stint as Batman complete, Bale pretty much has the world at his feet, and a reunion with the director who helped guide him to his first Oscar can't be anything but a good move. Even if we don't know anything about American Bullshit right now, or if Russell will ever make it, it seems worth looking forward to

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Ben Affleck Thinking About Directing Movie On Corruption In Congress

While Gone Baby Gone was certainly won over critics, Ben Affleck's most recent directorial venture, The Town, had the benefit of critical praise as well as box office success,

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