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Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Best Movies And How To Watch Them

From John Lennon to Quicksilver and everywhere in between, these are the best Aaron Taylor-Johnson movies.

Glenn Close Just Made Oscar History, But She Won't Be Happy About It
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GLAAD Media Award Nominees Announced

2012 marks the GLAAD Media Awards 23rd year, and the ceremony has grown from a small affair to a lavish and celebrity-studded string of festivities that take place in New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Fittingly, this year's nominees include features with A-listers as well as films from all over the globe.

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Glenn Close Looks Like A Man In The First Poster For Albert Nobbs

This year, with her performance in The Iron Lady, Meryl Streep will likely be going for her third Oscar after being nominated 16 times. While that percentage may not seem that great, it's better than the record that Glenn Close has at the Academy Awards. Though she has been nominated five times, Close has never taken home the trophy, but this year she may break that streak. Ironically, it may happen with her playing a man.

Glenn Close Will Break Your Heart In First Full Albert Nobbs Trailer

The clip suggests the light touch of, say, a Gosford Park, and only hints at the beautiful character work mustered by Close and her co-star, Janet McTeer, as women forced to live as men in order to find work in their cash-strapped country. Director Rodrigo Garcia finds surprising pockets of hope and beauty as Albert dreams of living a different life.

2011 Telluride Film Festival Line-Up

The most interesting thing about this announcement is the fact that it comes just a day before the fest is due to begin. Talk about coming in just under the wire. I’m thrilled to see new films from Martin Scorsese, David Cronenberg, Werner Herzog, and Wim Wenders on the roster. As a psychology nerd, Cronenberg’s A Dangerous Method, an examination of the relationship between Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, is particularly high on my list of must-sees.

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Glenn Close Dons Convincing Drag On The Albert Nobbs Set

With her short haircut and thin frame Glenn Close is an easier candidate for cross-dressing than many women, but I don't think anyone anticipated exactly how well she'd pull it off until seeing photos from the set

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Aaron Johnson Joins Cross-Dressing Period Drama Albert Nobbs

Despite all this young talent on the roster, the star of Albert Nobbs is Glenn Close, playing a poor woman in 19th century Ireland who disguises herself as a man to survive

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Glenn Close Returning To Movies As A Crossdresser

What's this role that Close can play twice, 30 years apart? Close's character is apparently a woman living in 19th century Ireland who is forced to disguise herself as a man in order to survive

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