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HBO's First Look At Amy Adams' Sharp Objects Is Hauntingly Stressful, But Great

The trailer for the Amy Adams miniseries Sharp Objects has arrived and it is dark. Here is what you need to know.

Why Enchanted 2 Has Taken So Long To Get Made

The sequel, titled Disenchanted, is apparently still in the works at Disney, and director Adam Shankman recently provided an explanation for its long gestation period.

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What Makes Amy Adams Such A Great Actress, According To Meryl Streep

The great Meryl Streep has high praise for her Julie & Julia co-star ,and some thoughts on what makes her a great actress.

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5 Big Actresses Who Would Be Perfect For Beverly In IT Chapter 2

We have been having a lot of fun discussing celebrity casting of the Losers' Club, who will be adult characters in the sequel. But the most chatter has swirled around Beverly, who is portrayed by Sophia Lillis in IT, and has many speculating who could fill her shoes in the anticipated sequel.

How Amy Adams And Jessica Chastain Could Both Be In IT: Chapter 2

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains spoilers about Stephen King's novel IT, and therefore potential spoilers for the IT sequel that is currently in development.

The 10 Highest-Paid Actresses Of 2017, According To Forbes

Forbes has once again released their list of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood and while the list hasn't changed a great deal in the last 12 months, the differences are quite notable.

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Why Arrival's Screenwriter Deserves To Win The Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar

Arrival deserves the top honors for pretty much every category it's up for, but most importantly, the film has more than earned a Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar in our opinion. Read on to see why!

Vanity Fair Reveals Stunning Hollywood Issue Cover

Vanity Fair is adding some old Hollywood glam to the young starlets that stole our attention this year in the movies.

ABC Made An Awkward Mistake On Oscar Morning, At Tom Hanks And Amy Adams' Expense

When news is breaking every website tries to get it out as quickly as possible. Sometimes this results in typos. Sometimes it results in significantly bigger mistakes. ABC made one of those this morning.

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Oscar Snubs: Here's Who Should Be Furious This Morning

Who was crying into their Corn Flakes this morning instead of already practicing their acceptance speech? Find out with our 9 biggest Oscar 2017 snubs list.

The Biggest Mistake The Oscars Made This Morning

No matter how you slice it, The Academy made a huge mistake forgetting to nominate Amy Adams for her work in Arrival. Vent with us inside.

The 5 Biggest Snubs From The 2017 Golden Globes

Check out our list of the five most unexpected award snubs from the 2017 Golden Globe ceremony.

Arrival Deserved To Do A Hell Of A Lot Better At The Golden Globes

Somehow, someway, Arrival has not been nominated for Best Drama at the Golden Globes. If you're like us, you're probably fuming about this and need to vent. So click through, and vent with us as we lay out just why we're upset.

Arrival Just Crossed A Huge Milestone At The Box Office

Arrival has just moved past a major box office milestone, and its success is set to continue, too.

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Why Playing Lois Lane Is Tricky, According To Amy Adams

Amy Adams is the latest actress to portray the intrepid reporter in live action, and while she enjoys playing Lois, she also finds the role tricky in this way.

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What The Aliens And Spaceships In Arrival Almost Looked Like

While Arrival has been out for some time, with the images of its current aliens and ships burnt into our memories, there exist other concepts that could have been. Read on to see the original, unused concept art that the film had during its pre-production phase.

Arrival Ending: 6 Burning Questions We're Still Thinking About

I'm going to talk through the following points, so I can better understand Villeneuve's complex masterpiece, and maybe help you guys figure out a few elements, as well. Needless to say, this story will be drenched in Arrival spoilers, so bail out now if you haven't yet seen the film.

One Amy Adams Scene Arrival Had to Cut And Why

While there were so many pivotal scenes that Denis Villeneuve included in this adaptation of the short story "Story of Your Life," there's an important one he decided to leave out.

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Apparently There's A Real Team The Government Will Call If Aliens Show Up And The Guy Who Wrote Arrival Talked To Them

I mean, I guess if we have an Area 51, then it makes sense that somewhere in our Pentagon, we have, as Arrival screenwriter Eric Heisserer calls it, "a nerd version of Avengers" comes together to decide how to proceed.

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Where Man Of Steel 2 Is In Its Development, According To Amy Adams

The cast and crew of Man of Steel are constantly asked questions about DC's plan for the sequel, including Lois Lane herself, Amy Adams.

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