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The Best Natalie Portman Movies And How To Watch Them

From Star Wars to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and so many other films - here is where you can stream the best Natalie Portman films right now.

Every Darren Aronofsky Movie, Including Mother!, Ranked

Darren Aronofsky is one of America's greatest directors. Here's every one of his films, ranked.

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Watch out, these movies will haunt you...

9 Sebastian Stan TV And Movie Roles You Probably Forgot About

You may be with Sebastian Stan to the end of the line, but where he was he before?

Natalie Portman: 11 Fascinating Facts About The Star Wars And Marvel Actress

Here are some fascinating facts about the Black Swan actress!

Natalie Portman Thought Black Swan Was A Docudrama While She Was Making It

Black Swan earned Natalie Portman an Oscar for Best Actress, but she didn't even know the film's true tone.

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The Best Horror Movies Of The 21st Century... So Far

Within the 21st century (which is to say going back to 2001), we've seen the release of some horror movies that are guaranteed to be considered classics in the long run, and we've decided to take a look back by ranking them.

Why Natalie Portman’s Black Swan Rivalry With Mila Kunis Felt So Real

It hasn't been a good week for Natalie Portman, at least one would think so if they read the stories that we've been running. Not only did a Hollywood legend allegedly have beef with her, but now details about the rivalry built into Black Swan have come out, and there was a little more than imagination fueling that performance. Read on for the details.

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Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem Circle Darren Aronofsky's Mysterious Drama, Get The Details

Javier Bardem + Jennifer Lawrence + Darren Aronofsky = a cinephile's paradise.

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Watch Why First And Final Frames Are So Important In Epic Movie Mash-Up

The world's greatest filmmakers tell their stories from the very first frame in their movies to the very last. Need proof? Just watch the amazing supercut below, and you'll notice just how many brilliant films have beginnings and endings that work in stunning tandem.

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Breaking Bad Writer's 'Flesh And Bone' Gets Series Order at Starz

They’ll soon rein in the external thrills for something far more personal and stress-inducing, as they’ve granted a series order to the ballet drama Flesh and Bone from creator and former dancer Moira Walley-Beckett, the producer/actress/writer responsible for some Breaking Bad’s most memorable episodes. I suppose their expectations of drawing audiences back to ballet fiction following 2011’s Black Swan are more reasonable with such a creative talent putting it all together.

These 2 Fantastic Movie Dance Tribute Videos Will Make You Want To Dance

Whether it's a spontaneous bit of dancing or a more choreographed number, movie history is full of great dance moments. And as it happens, the internet is full of supercuts, but the above video and the sequel that followed rises above some of the rest, thanks in large part to great editing, as it looks like the creator really took the time to fit the dance clips together so they line up with the song.

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Black Swan Intern Lawsuit Could Shakeup Movie Productions Everywhere

The tradeoff is supposed to be that the intern learns valuable on-the-job training, in lieu of a paycheck. However, Judge William H. Pauley III found the responsibilities assigned to the aforementioned interns Eric Glatt and Alexander Footman were similar enough to their paid counterparts that they should have been considered regular employees.

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SAG Member Guilty Of Leaking Black Swan And Other Films To BitTorrent

DeSoto’s copies were review screeners that were loaned by studios to SAG members through the iTunes store. Following a tip obtained by the Motion Picture Association of America’s piracy officers, FBI agents stormed DeSoto’s apartment and connected him to leaked copies of awards contenders such as The Fighter, The King’s Speech, 127 Hours and Rabbit Hole.

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2011 MTV Movie Award Winners: Complete Results

The MTV Movie Awards are like a televised drinking game for celebrities. It doesn’t even matter who wins or looses. No one remembers who won a beer pong game from five years ago, just like no one remembers who took home that popcorn statue. The whole point is for movie stars is to show up, have a few laughs with their friends and then call it a night

Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan Crosses $300 Million Mark At Global Box Office

Fox Searchlight has to be pleasantly surprised at the numbers this dark Oscar winner set in the world of competitive ballet has posted. Aronofsky’s $12-million Black Swan just pirouetted past the $305 million mark thanks to a strong opening over the weekend in Japan

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Winona Ryder Is Great At Playing Crazy Women, And She's Making A Comeback By Doing It Again

thinking back even further, Ryder is the O.G. girl with possible delusions, an actress who's always done her best work occupying the fringes of rational human behavior. Let's take a look at the highlights: Best of Crazy Ryder

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Darren Aronofsky Says 80 Percent Of Dancing Shots In Black Swan Were Natalie Portman

One of the biggest stories from this past weekend surrounded the amount of dancing Oscar winner Natalie Portman actually did in Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan. Speaking to the press, Sarah Lane, who served as Portman's body double on the film, said that the actress only performed only about five percent of what actually ended up in the movie...

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Black Swan Producers And Natalie Portman's Body Double Duke It Out Over Proper Credit

Sarah Lane would have every right to be pissed off if Portman and company were claiming no body double was used, but the reality has been the exact opposite. I can’t tell you how many interviews I’ve read in which the new Academy Award winner has admitted she couldn’t master the most difficult moves and needed Sarah Lane to make those work

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Black Swan Wants To Know If You're A Black Swan Or A White Swan

Clicking on the link will take you to a sort of interactive game that will present you with clips from Black Swan, then allow you to choose which statement best reflects what feeling the scene conjures in you. And no, it doesn't appear to include that scene between Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis, despite it almost certainly generating a variety of feelings...

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