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8 Samuel L. Jackson Role You May Have Forgotten About

Remember when Samuel L Jackson tried to rob McDowell's in Coming to America?

5 Ways Do The Right Thing Is Still Relevant Today

Do the Right Thing still feels like it could be set in 2021, and that's not a good thing.

Hidden Figures And 11 Other Great Movies To Watch For Black History Month

Time to watch Hidden Figures and these other Black History Month gems.

18 Great Movies To Stream On Peacock

There are many great, even classic movies available to stream on Peacock. Here are just some worth seeking out.

Spike Lee's Most Socially Relevant Movies, Ranked

Spike Lee has a lot of socially relevant movies in his lengthy career, but which one is his MOST socially relevant? This list has the answer.

The 8 Most Iconic Spike Lee Characters

Spike Lee has had several memorable characters. Here are the 8 most iconic.

15 Great Movies That Explore Race And Social Justice

Due to recent events, we thought it important to discuss and showcase movies that highlight race and social justice. We still have a ways to go.

Do The Right Thing Actor Danny Aiello Has Died At 86
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The 10 Best Samuel L. Jackson Movies, Ranked

At 70, Samuel L. Jackson leads a long career with A LOT of credits to show for it. Though it may seem impossible to compress, what 10 films can we call his best?

Spike Lee Walks Back All Of That Oscar Boycott Talk

Spike Lee is now insisting that he isn't boycotting the Oscars, instead he's just going to be really busy watching the Knicks.

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Why Do The Right Thing Is Spike Lee's Greatest Film

The picture is filled with such glorious joy, created by a community that genuinely cares for and loves each other. Every character who disagrees also share moments where they're suddenly on the same page with their nemeses, amused glances powered by inside jokes.

First Three Minutes Of Do The Right Thing 20th Anniversary Doc

Now on the anniversary of its release, Do the Right Thing is getting a Blu-Ray DVD edition, complete with a new 20th anniversary documentary by Spike Lee, a new commentary track, 11 newly discovered deleted scenes, and two documentaries about the making of the film

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