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Sales Of The Mary Tyler Moore Show Have Skyrocketed Following Her Death

Groundbreaking actress Mary Tyler Moore recently passed away. Many have reacted to her death by buying seasons of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and the sales numbers are astonishing.

Studios Want Major Movies To Go From Theaters To Living Rooms Quicker

Today theatrical films are served up in theaters the same way they are at home, either on discs or streaming online. So, if that's the case, why does it take so long for films to make the jump for home viewing? It's possible that gap is about to shrink significantly.

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RIP, The VCR Is Basically Dead At 40

If you have an extensive VHS collection, and have no inclination to switch to a more modern format, we've got some bad news for you. Read on, as we announce the one, true death of the VCR.

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Government Employee Admits To Running DVD Bootlegging Operation

Those who have found themselves walking the street of a busy city have probably seen plenty of individuals running their own bootleg movie businesses on the sidewalk - but what you probably don't know is that there was one recently operating out of our nation's Department of Labor in Washington D.C.

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Mad Max Deleted Scene: Watch Max And Furiosa Ride Into Battle

If you're one of the people who haven't seen Mad Max: Fury Road yet, you're about to run out of excuses. It hits Blu-ray soon, and to celebrate, we have a new deleted scene for you to check out.

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AV Club Writer Pens Angry Letter After Accidental Love Puts His Quote On DVD Box

Quotes from critics are a standard piece of movie marketing, but their words can be misconstrued and taken out of context. That happened to a writer recently, and he's plenty mad about it.

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Marvel Is Officially Rebranding The Infinity Stones

As the MCU enters Phase Three and slowly approaches the Avengers: Infinity War movies, Marvel is rebranding the Infinity Stones so that fans can refer to them by a collective name.

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Water Treatment Plant Employee Fired For Watching A Ton Of Porn During Work

How much pornography do you think you could watch in a day? Whatever amount you said, this man has you beat. And he's even been sacked to prove it.

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New DVD Releases: May 2015 In Home Entertainment

Fifty Shades of Grey! Selma! There's a lot of great stuff coming out this month, check 'em all out after the jump.

New DVD Releases: April 2015 In Home Entertainment

From the well-liked Paddington movie to the home entertainment release of HBO’s cool musical series Sonic Highways. There’s a lot to look forward to in April of 2015, and you can check out more of this month’s releases here.

Fifty Shades Of Grey DVD/Blu-ray Release Date Set, Unrated Edition With Alternate Ending Announced

Fifty Shades Of Grey Unrated is coming! The Fifty Shades Of Grey DVD and Blu-ray release date has been set, as well as the Digital HD release date.

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Watch Kids React To Seeing A VCR For The First Time

The Fine Brothers’ “Kids React” YouTube series may have dealt the most humbling blow to anyone who came of age during the reign of the VHS VCR. If you want kick off your day by watching young children make you feel old then check it out!

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New DVD Releases: March 2015 In Home Entertainment

While movies like Avengers: Age of Ultron are gearing up to head into theaters this spring, the big home entertainment companies are still churning out some Academy Award nominees and winners, along with some holiday favorites.

New DVD Releases: February 2015 In Home Entertainment

February might be a slow month at the movies, but there is still some great stuff headed into homes, thanks to Blu-rays and DVDs. Among these is the long-anticipated Game of Thrones Season 4 release, which will be available to fans later this month.

New DVD Releases: January 2015 In Home Entertainment

January isn’t typically the biggest month for Blu-ray, DVD and streaming releases, but thanks to the glories of awards season and midseason premieres on television, there’s quite a bit of good stuff popping up over the next several weeks. Check out what's coming out.

Boldly Laugh Like No One Has Laughed Before With This Star Trek Into Darkness Blooper Reel

When one thinks of J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek films, "hilarious hijinks" is probably not the first thing that springs to mind. Yet, that’s what we have to share today in this amusing clip of bloopers and gag reel material from the filmmaker’s second foray into a place where "no man has gone before", Star Trek Into Darkness.

Netflix No Longer Mails DVDs On Saturday

Those who are still using Netflix's DVD service may find that your shipments have been processing a bit slower. That might be the case if you're in the habit of mailing back your DVD too close to the weekend, as Netflix is no longer processing shipments on Saturday.

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Spartacus: The Complete Series DVD And Blu-ray Box Sets Coming September

The Spartacus: The Complete Series box set you've been waiting for is finally happening, with a release date set for September. Not only does the Blu-ray set include Digital HD with Ultraviolet and a few new bonus features not included on the previously released sets, but the limited edition set also comes packaged with a Spartacus collector's figurine.

True Detective DVD/Blu-Ray Is Out Today, Includes Commentaries And Other Bonus Features

For those without HBO, the chance to watch True Detective has arrived! HBO released the DVD and Blu-ray set for True Detective today, and in addition to coming complete with the full first season of the riveting crime drama, the bonus features also include deleted scenes, commentaries and other behind-the-scenes looks at the series.

How I Met Your Mother DVD Set Will Reveal An Alternate Ending

If you weren’t impressed with the ultimate ending you may be in luck. According to Bays, the upcoming DVD release for the series will feature an alternate ending that was almost chosen for the series.

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