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Xbox Gamerscore Leader Loses Top Spot And His Response Is Hilarious

Reaching the historic record of having the highest Gamerscore on Xbox Live is no easy feat. It takes years of dedication and hours-on-end each day kicking butt, taking names and getting precision headshots. Well, the gamer who had that top honor just lost it, and his response to losing out is quite hilarious.

Microsoft Punishes Xbox Live Cheaters

All of you sinister Xbox Live players beware, Microsoft is watching you and they don't take cheating lightly. Especially those of you who like to cheat to get your gamer score up.

Xbox Live Accounts Deleted Through E-mail Expiration

Xbox 360 owners pride themselves on their Gamerscore but some gamers have lately discovered that their Gamertags have been deleted along with all their Achievements. The problem apparently stems from their email.

Old Spice Experience Challenge Is Underway...Yay?

Nearly a year ago we lamented the Old Spice Experience Challenge on the 360. It sounded like a marketing gimmick of the worst kind. One that was invading our precious gaming space. And you know what, it might have been. It was also a hell of a lot of fun. The issue was the Gamerwhoring challenge catered to the hardcore players out there.

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