Xbox Gamerscore Leader Loses Top Spot And His Response Is Hilarious

Reaching the historic record of having the highest Gamerscore on Xbox Live is no easy feat. It takes years of dedication and hours-on-end each day kicking butt, taking names and getting precision headshots. Well, the gamer who had that top honor just lost it, and his response to losing out is quite hilarious.

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Ray "Stallion83" Cox posted the Twitter response under the announcement made by the Xbox Live Achievements enthusiast account, which noted that "someone has passed Stallion83's 1.5 million-odd Gamerscore". The gif comes from an old Chris Farley movie, where Farley is comically removing his shirt in a sexy manner.

Of course, Ray's response was drop-dead hilarious given that the only thing that would force a gamer to give up hours dedicated to gaming apart from working to pay the bills is... sex.

Not just that but according to the Xbox Achievements news article, Ray went and ended up getting married. So the newlyweds really are likely having lots of sex and Ray no longer has any time to maintain his behemoth Gamerscore. The article notes that Ray's been overtaken in his score by a not-so-newcomer named Stephen "smernov" Row. This guy has managed to beat Ray's score and is currently champion of the Xbox Live Gamerscore domain.

However, the big difference between Stephen and Ray is that, according to Xbox Achievements staff, Stephen is already happily married with a kid, so he doesn't have the weight of being a newlywed hovering over his head, nor does he have to worry about dating life like all those young studs out there trying to juggle their Gamerscore and their personal life.

Eurogamer notes that Ray was the first Xbox Live user to surpass the 1 million Gamerscore mark back in 2014, three years ago. As it stands, Stephen is about 10,000 points ahead of Ray. Some wonder if Ray will come back to win his title, maybe playing some of the upcoming games such as Crackdown 3 or Call of Duty: WW2 in order to regain his crown?

Others were a bit more jealous of Ray's success, claiming that there was no way anyone could achieve his Gamerscore and that he must have cheated in games like Minecraft and Halo in order to gain those scores, but those accusations are being brushed off by the rest of the community as little more than denunciations from jaded and jealous gamers.

Ray has managed to maintain his Guinness World Record for more than 11 years, according to his Xbox Live profile.

If you follow the timeline of the profile you can see that Ray hasn't stopped gaming even though he says he's been keeping "busy" on his honeymoon. He's been playing Knee Deep and The Voice recently. So even while on vacation from maintaining his Gamescore, he's still not really on vacation.

One definitely has to wonder if Ray will eventually give up the title for good and not bother trying to compete with Stephen now that he's married, or will the friendly rivalry force the two of them to stay locked in a battle of who can earn the most Gamerscore?

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