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All Five Highlander Movies, Ranked

There are five live-action Highlander films. Here is the entire series, ranked.

The Highlander Reboot: What's Going On With The Henry Cavill Movie?

The Highlander reboot has seemingly lived as long as one of its characters, here's a look at the long road already traveled.

Highlander: 5 Reasons Why The Franchise Desperately Needs To Be Rebooted

Now that Henry Cavill's attached to Highlander, it's time to go over why this franchise needs a reboot.

Henry Cavill Fan Art Sees Superman Transform For Highlander

Here's a hint of what Henry Cavill could look like as an immortal Scottish swordsman.

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After Landing A Role In The Highlander Reboot, DCEU Vet Henry Cavill Has Responded

Henry Cavill responds to the news he is starring in the Highlander reboot.

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Following Superman And The Witcher, Henry Cavill May Have Found His Next Big Franchise

Henry Cavill might be adding another popular franchise to his body of work.

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15 Thrilling Action Movies To Watch Free On Plex

The only thing better than the thrilling action movies on Plex is the fact you can watch them for free...

Bloodsport And 5 Other '80s Movies That Need TV Revivals Like Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai isn't the only series that should have all the fun.

20 Sean Connery Movies You Can Watch On Streaming Right Now

Here are some places to find the work of one of Hollywood's greatest actors.

10 Sean Connery Roles That Prove He’s So Much More Than James Bond

A list for those who are ready to look past Sean Connery's tuxedo.

10 Movies To Stream If You Liked The Old Guard

These movies should be a good place to start for all those fans wanting more of what The Old Guard had to offer.

Highlander: 5 Things The Reboot Can Learn From Past Adaptations

Highlander is awesome! But it's a series with a lot of problems. So let's clear those up before the reboot.

What To Watch On Amazon Prime If You Miss Game Of Thrones

Avoid the coming winter with these movies and TV shows on Amazon Prime

The Idea Behind Highlander Is Pretty Ridiculous

It's a great franchise, but let's not overlook how ridiculous its premise is.

The Highlander Reboot Just Took A Big Step Forward

It's beginning to look like the long-dormant franchise will soon be returning to theater screens for more decapitations and pulling swords out of nowhere.

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One Important Part Of The Highlander Mythology The Reboot Plans To Explore

Now that John Wick: Chapter 2 is out in the world, director Chad Stahelski is already focusing on his next big project, the planned reboot of the Highlander franchise. One aspect that he plans to delve into is an area where John Wick also excelled.

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The Highlander Reboot Will Be Like John Wick With Swords, According To The Director
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The Highlander Reboot Just Made A Very Exciting Choice For Its Director

Much like its title character, the attempt to reboot the Highlander franchise seems incapable of being killed. While the project has been in development hell for years, it's possible that it may have just received the boost that it needed to get out. A new director has been brought on board, and he's a pretty solid choice.

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Guardians And SPECTRE Star Dave Bautista Just Grabbed Another Classic Villain Role

Dave Bautista has been named as the evil warrior Kurgan in the new Highlander reboot. The film has yet to find its two leads -- the Highlander himself and his mentor, Ramirez.

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Tom Cruise Might Modernize Highlander, Get The Specifics

With the Highlander reboot back on track with a new director, it was only a matter of time before new casting rumors began to emerge. Now that process has begun, and the production seems to be aiming very high with their first targeted actor: the legendary Tom Cruise.

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