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Of Course Prince Harry And Meghan Markle's Love Story Is Getting A Lifetime Movie
John Stamos Just Landed His Next TV Show, And It Sounds Pretty Creepy

John Stamos is joining another television series, and it sounds pretty dramatic and creepy.

Gossip Girl's Penn Badgley Just Landed His First Big TV Follow-Up

Penn Badgley was a big name on the CW scene for years as Dan Humphrey on Gossip Girl. Now, he's poised to make a big return to TV with a brand new project

What Working With Courtney Love Is Like, According To Directors Who Did

Courtney Love is an iconic rock star, but is she easy to work with? Here's what her most recent directors told us.

Vivica A. Fox Is Getting Sued For Allegedly Ruining Her Male Stripper Reality Show

Male strippers were in the spotlight on Lifetime earlier this year thanks to Vivica A. Fox's new reality series. Now, Fox is being sued for what went on behind the scenes.

Another Dance Moms Star Just Quit The Show

It's not a super great week to be a Dance Moms fan. In the wake of Abby Lee Miller quitting the show earlier this week, another Dance Moms star is following in her footsteps. Hit the jump for more details.

Dance Moms Already Found An Excellent Replacement For Abby Lee Miller

Dance Moms is currently on hiatus and now without a leading lady, with Abby Lee Miller having quit. No worries, though, as her replacement has been found.

Is Abby Lee Miller Done With Dance Moms? Here's What We Know

Abby Lee Miller has been a constant (and often entertaining) source of melodrama on Lifetime's Dance Moms. Now, she's made a bold move that could indicate where she intends to go next.

Why Cher Had To Drop Out Of Lifetime's Flint Water Crisis Movie

Lifetime landed a big star for its upcoming project about the Flint water crisis when it signed Cher, but Cher unfortunately has had to drop out for a big reason.

Will Dance Moms Season 8 Be Delayed By Abby Lee Miller's Fraud Case? Here's The Latest

Lifetime's Dance Moms was struck by scandal when dance instructor Abby Lee Miller was indicted for fraud. Now, we have an update on whether or not the case will impact the next season of the series.

Sons Of Anarchy Star And More Set For Lifetime's Menendez Brothers Movie

A Sons of Anarchy star as well as some other well-known actors have joined a Lifetime movie about the Menendez brothers.

The Menenedez Brothers Are Getting A Lifetime Movie, With One Surprising Star

True crime is a TV mainstay right now, and Lifetime is keeping itself in the fray with a new project based on the Menendez brothers' murder trial. Check out who was tapped to star!

Britney Spears Lifetime Biopic Trailer Is Non-Stop Drama

The unauthorized Britney Spears Lifetime movie, Britney Ever After, just released its first trailer. And it's about as dramatic as you'd expect.

Cher Just Joined A Lifetime Original Movie, But Not One You Might Expect

We're likely of similar opinion that more than enough time has gone by without Cher starring in a Lifetime Original movie, but that all changes soon.

Christina Applegate Is Heading Back To TV, Here's What We Know

Christina Applegate is coming back to TV in a big way. The actress will headline a new drama over on Lifetime that focuses on a disheveled psychologist trying to keep it all together.

The Abs On Lifetime's Britney Spears Aren't Britney, Bitch

There's a big problem with Lifetime's Britney Spears movie: the actress playing Brit doesn't look like her. Like at all.

Lifetime Is Making A Show About Assisted Suicide And It May Have The Best Name Ever

Lifetime is making a new show about assisted suicide, and the title of the upcoming series is absolutely perfect. Get the details!

The Britney Spears Lifetime Movie We Always Wanted Is Happening, Here's Who's Playing Her

Today is a special day, for it was the one on which it was announced Lifetime will be bringing its patented OMGWTF original movies approach to the life and times of entertainment juggernaut Britney Spears.

JonBenet Ramsey Is Going To Be All Over TV This Fall

True crime is something of a craze on the small screen nowadays, and the infamous murder case of young JonBenet Ramsey will be the next to get the TV treatment. In fact, her case will be getting a lot of TV treatment.

What Castle's Stana Katic Is Doing On TV Next

Nathan Fillion is heading to Modern Family. Jon Huertas is heading to NBC's upcoming series This is Us. But what the heck is other Castle lead Stana Katic doing on TV moving forward?

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