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Westworld Co-Creator Drops New Details About Season 4, And I'm Already Confused

Unsurprisingly, Westworld isn't going to become far less confusing with Season 4.

Reminiscence: Release Date, Cast And Other Things We Know About The Hugh Jackman Sci-Fi Film

Everything you need to know about the trippy sci-fi action thriller starring Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Ferguson.

Why Casting Hugh Jackman Was Essential For Reminiscence’s Director

This sounds like it's going to be a super exciting new role for Hugh Jackman.

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Reminiscence Trailer Reunites The Greatest Showman’s Hugh Jackman And Rebecca Ferguson For A Trippy Sci-Fi Mystery
Westworld Creators Have A Wild New Horror Show Heading To Streaming

The Westworld creators are getting a wild new show for streaming!

Westworld Creative Team Is Bringing Another Michael Crichton Adaptation To HBO

Westworld creatives are getting creative with another Michael Crichton project.

Westworld Creators Reveal New Details About Aaron Paul's Season 3 Character

Sure, fans can't wait to hear about Aaron Paul's (alleged?) upcoming Breaking Bad movie, but let's not forget about his emergence in the Westworld mythos.

Westworld Creators Drop First Details About Season 3

Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy shared some details about what future drama Westworld is cooking up.

Westworld's Creators Definitely Have An End Game Already In Mind

Westworld may seem like it's going all over the place, but there is apparently an ending already in mind.

Westworld Co-Creator Shines Light On William's Confusing Post-Credits Sequence

Westworld delivered a shocking post-credits sequence that hinted at things to come in Season 3.

Why Westworld Season 2 Will Have Less Nudity

Westworld Season 2 will have less nudity for a good reason.

Westworld Showrunner Lisa Joy's Favorite Fan Theory About The Show

Fans have been waiting years for the show to return, with the hiatus giving the community plenty of time to come up with new fan theories.

Westworld Creators May Intentionally Spoil Everything About Season 2 Before It Airs

Wait, wait, wait. They're talking about doing what with what before what now?

What Westworld Learned From Its First Season

While Westworld was a massive success, it wasn't without hiccups. Now it's creator has revealed what they learned in Season 1.

Could Westworld Get A Game Of Thrones Crossover? Here's What The Creators Say

Westworld's theme park location allows for all manner of settings to get showcased, and fans aren't the only ones wondering if Game of Thrones could enter the sci-fi show's future. Here's what the creators say.

The Battlestar Galactica Movie Just Took A Massive Step Forward, So Say We All

After what seems like an eternity, Battlestar Galactica will be heading to the big screen. Read on to see the talent that the project has landed, and is looking to attract, behind the camera.

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