Westworld Co-Creator Drops New Details About Season 4, And I'm Already Confused

thandiwe newton's maeve in westworld season 3

At this point, Westworld fans are used to waiting for extended gaps between seasons without a whole lot of new details to speculate about while waiting. We're now around eight months ahead of the spring premiere window that the HBO sci-fi drama utilized for Seasons 2 and 3, and though there's no telling when we'll actually see Season 4 debut, co-creator Lisa Joy has offered up a couple of details that Westworld fans can nibble on with curiosity. Even if the details inevitably only cause more confusion, at least in my non-artificially intelligent brain.

Lisa Joy is currently in the process of promoting her new brain-bending thriller Reminiscence, which has received the same kinds of reviews as Westworld, with fanatics adoring it, while others are left befuddled. Ahead of its release in both theaters and on streaming, Joy spoke with Deadline, which is where she shared the promising claim below:

You’re going to see some new worlds that I think are really fun and you’re going to see someone who I kidnapped from Reminiscence in a funny way.

I think we can all agree that some of the most interesting aspects of Westworld are the Delos "worlds" themselves. Viewers have spent an ample amount of time in the titular realm, while Season 2 introducing Shogun World and the jungle-filled The Raj. Season 3 hinted at Medieval World with its Game of Thrones dragon, and took viewers fully into Warworld with Thandiwe Newton's Maeve and Ridrigo Santoro's Hector. So for Lisa Joy to be teasing more than one new world coming in Season 4, it either means big changes within the park, or possibly a trip back in time.

Westworld's convoluted Season 3 took viewers and its host characters outside the Delos park system, and gave Evan Rachel Wood's Dolores a new human companion in Aaron Paul's Caleb. But then things went all screwy in that bonkers finale, with Dolores and Maeve sorta liking humans, while Tessa Thompson's altered Chalores stepped up as a central antagonist. Not to mention Ed Harris' Man In Black getting murdered by his own host version. And that's all on top of the world almost spiraling into widespread disaster over issues with Rehoboam and everyone's social status.

So how will Season 4 go about introducing new worlds? Will Delos' business and legal issues all magically reverse themselves, allowing the parks to go public with new and exciting exhibits and challenges? Or will Westworld's new areas come into play through flashbacks to different points before everything went haywire in Season 3?

Elsewhere, Lisa Joy described Season 4 of Westworld as "Inversion," so do with that what you will. Personally, I will just shrug over it.

While it doesn't offer anything to go on plot-wise, it's interesting that Lisa Joy is already teasing a new cast member on Westworld having come from Reminiscence. The film already features Thandiwe Newton and Angela Sarafyan, with the latter making her return as Clementine in Season 3 for a single episode. Hugh Jackman, Rebecca Ferguson, Cliff Curtis and Daniel Wu also co-star in the flick, so could it be one of their faces we'll see in Season 4?

Westworld Season 4 is potentially set to hit HBO at some point in 2022, though it's not clear exactly when that'll happen. In the meantime, all the showing popping up across the 2021 Fall TV premiere schedule.

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