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Con Air: 5 Things That Don't Make Sense About The 90s Action Flick

Are action movies from the 1990s required to make sense?

7 Superman Movies That Never Ended Up Happening
7 Nicolas Cage Movies That Make Us Confident He'll Be Great As Joe Exotic

Nicolas Cage is an inspired choice to play Tiger King's Joe Exotic. Here are seven roles that give us hope in his much-anticipated portrayal.

The Time Nic Cage Basically Went On A Real Life National Treasure Hunt

One clue led to a clue, and then another clue ...

Movie News
A National Treasure TV Show Is In The Works For Disney+

Good news, National Treasure fans! Disney+ is working on a new TV show.

Nic Cage May Have Just Nabbed The Most Nic Cage Role Of His Career Thanks To Tiger King
Brad Pitt Was Originally Being Courted For One Of Kick-Ass’ Biggest Roles

The actor ended up starring in a Best Picture nominee instead.

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Joker: 6 Actors Who Could Follow In The Footsteps Of Heath Ledger And Joaquin Phoenix

Here are a few actors who could become The Joker after Joaquin Phoenix and the late Heath Ledger.

Netflix Is Losing A Nic Cage Fan-Favorite To Disney+

Another modern classic is finding a home on the Disney streaming service.

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Nicolas Cage Takes A Horrifying Job At An Amusement Park In First Look At Wally's Wonderland

The Academy Award winner will be decidedly unamused when he discovers the truth about this amusement park.

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Nic Cage Will Recreate Classic Nic Cage Movies Like Face/Off And Con Air In Crazy Nic Cage Movie
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The 5 Most Nicolas Cage Movies Nicolas Cage Has Ever Done

Nicholas Cage has been in a slew of movies, but only a few where he's gone full Cage. Here are a few of those films.

That Wild Nicolas Cage Playing Nicolas Cage Movie Has A Release Date

It's called The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, and yes, it's an actual movie.

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13 Megastars Who Should Join The Fast And Furious Family After F9

Here are 13 acting megastars we'd love to see in Fast & Furious 10.

Nicolas Cage's Color Out Of Space Ending: What Happened And What Does It Mean?

We'll try our best to explain the ending of Richard Stanley's H.P. Lovecraft adaptation, Color Out Of Space, starring Nicolas Cage.

Nicolas Cage's New Horror Movie Cut A Scene Where He Recited Dialogue While Doing Handstands
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Nicolas Cage's Craziest Fan Encounter Involved A Home Invasion And A Fudgesicle
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Why Nicolas Cage Thinks Netflix's Marriage Story Should Be 'Required Viewing'

The 1996 Oscar-winner gives his take on awards season.

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National Treasure 3: A History Of All The Delays So Far

Let's take a look at the long history of delays related to National Treasure 3.

Nic Cage Really Was Almost In The Arrow-verse's Crisis On Infinite Earths Crossover (And Still Might Be?)

Surprise! Nicolas Cage was almost in Arrow-verse's "Crisis on Infinite Earths."

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