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The Best Jackie Chan Movies And How To Watch Them

From Rumble in the Bronx to Rush Hour, these are the best Jackie Chan movies and where you can watch them.

How Jackie Chan Went From Child Actor To Worldwide Mega-Star

Jackie Chan has come a very long way throughout the years. Here's how he went from a child actor to a world-renowned cinema icon.

10 Iconic Movies Will Smith Almost Starred In

It's no secret that Will Smith has appeared in a number of classic, iconic movies. But there are just as many famous films — if not more — that the actor turned down (and maybe regrets saying "no" to).

Rush Hour 4 May Finally Happen, On One Condition

It looks like a fourth Rush Hour movie may finally come together. It will just take one very specific thing to happen first.

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How Deadpool 2 Is Going To Be Like Rush Hour, According To Rob Liefeld

Deadpool was unlike any comic book movie that we had ever seen when it was released last year. The sequel, however, will apparently have something in common with a somewhat different sort of film.

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The 10 Most-Watched Network TV Shows That Premiered In 2016

Here are the 10 most-watched broadcast series that premiered in 2016. There are some surprises to be found here, particularly when it comes to how many of these shows have been cancelled at this point.

10 More Shows That Just Got Cancelled

Tons of huge shows were laid out and lifeless when the smoke cleared after the first wave of cancellations hit last week, and then more dropped like low-rated and over-budgeted flies over the next few days. Here are those ten shows.

Rush Hour Review: Film-To-TV Remakes Don't Get Much More Mediocre Than CBS' Comedic Drama

A TV fanatic must live with the hope that every new series is worth the time it took to get it made. Unfortunately, CBS’ watered-down take on the hit action-comedy Rush Hour dashes all hopes.

Every TV Remake, Reboot, Prequel And Continuation In The Works Right Now

A ton of remakes, reboots and continuations are still in the works for TV audiences everywhere. Some of these may ultimately pull a Coach and never live to see the light of day, but we have high hopes for others. You can check out the list of upcoming reboots et all in the works right now.

Rush Hour 4 A Possibility If This Happens

If you thought you were done with the action-comedy team up of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, you may have been wrong. There have been talks, but director Brett Ratner says time and scheduling are the main issues behind its delay.

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11 Upcoming TV Shows That Are Rebooting Or Continuing A Classic Property

There are so many reboots, remakes and continuations in the works right now, it’s extremely hard to keep track of what is coming up, where those types of programs will be airing and when they will hit the schedule. So, we’ve done it for you.

Rush Hour Is Moving Forward Over At CBS

We’re one step closer to having a hit 1990s action comedy turned into a CBS series, which is either a cause for celebration or outrage, depending on how you feel about medium-switching remakes in the first place.

Rush Hour Is Getting Remade By One Of TV's Great Minds And Becoming This

The dust has settled on Beverly Hills Cop not becoming a series in the near future, but another hugely popular action comedy is attempting to head to television. Warner Bros. TV has sealed the deal to turn the buddy cop pic Rush Hour into a series full of big stunts and bigger laughs.

Rush Hour 4 Could Be More Likely Than You Think

Pressed for plot details Sarkissian mostly seemed to be spitballing, and he said they're still looking for a screenwriter-- and that even bringing back director Brett Ratner, who was responsible for the previous three films, wasn't a given. "If he wants to do it he’s more than welcome to do it but he’s got to do it in the right way.” Ouch

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