The 2015-2016 TV season is down to just a couple of shows that have yet to air their finales, but the numbers are already in for how many people watched everything on network TV in the last 9 months. The top of the list was unsurprisingly home to NFL telecasts and The Big Bang Theory, and the top 20 was rounded out by encore airings of NCIS, of all things.

We decided to look a little closer at the big list for this, in order to get an idea of how popular network TV’s latest offerings have been, so here are the 10 most-watched broadcast series that premiered in 2016, according to Deadline. There are some surprises to be found here, particularly when it comes to how many of these shows have been cancelled at this point. Speak of the devil, here’s our first entry.

the family
10. The Family
Debuting in March, The Family was a thrilling-to-some look into the life of the Warren family as they welcomed home son Adam (or is he?), who had been kidnapped a decade earlier. The show had some big star power with Joan Allen and Rupert Graves (or is he?) at the head of it, and it came in as the 104th most watched show of the season, with an average of 4.72 million people tuning in for its shortened schedule. The Family also came in 88th place in terms of the key 18-49 demographic, for which it earned a respectable 1.4 rating. But none of those looked like boastable stats to ABC, which cancelled The Family earlier this month.

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