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Netflix New Releases: Labyrinth, School Of Rock, Jaws, And Other Movies And TV Shows Streaming September 2021

David Bowie, Jack Black, and a giant shark all welcome Netflix subscribers in September 2021!

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The Best Movies To Watch On Paramount+ Right Now

A long and comprehensive list that barely scratches the surface of the movie collection on Paramount+.

School of Rock Actor Kevin Clark Is Dead At 32, Read Jack Black's Tribute To His Costar

As a child, Kevin Clark played the drummer in Jack Black's memorable comedy School of Rock.

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After Framing Britney Spears, School Of Rock Child Star Reveals Issues With Harassment

School Of Rock’s Rivkah Reyes dealt with bullying, parental expectations, disgusting comments from older men, self-doubt and eventually battled addictions and disorders that came from it.

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10 Best Jack Black Movies, Ranked

In a recent interview to promote his latest film, Jack Black claimed Jumanji: The Next Level might very well be his last movie. Should that be the case, let's take this opportunity to look back on the actor's best movies and greatest hits from over the years.

School Of Rock Star Arrested Over Stolen Guitars

Joey Gaydos Jr., best known for playing "Zack-Attack" in School of Rock, just got arrested for stealing guitars.

Watch Jack Black Hilariously Call Out Chris Hemsworth, Challenge Him To An Immigrant Song Battle

Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" is currently enjoying a burst of popularity thanks to its use in the newest Marvel film, Thor: Ragnarok. Most people love the way the song was used in the film, but one movie star is taking issue.

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Almost No One Wanted Richard Linklater To Direct School Of Rock

School of Rock could have been a very different movie. Luckily, fate intervened.

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Jack Black Surprised The New School Of Rock Cast, Here's What Happened

While movies are often criticized for their repeated use of, really, any other existing property in order to find material for their films, the Broadway stage is just as guilty of using movies to find material for new musicals.

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What Is Jack Black's Involvement With The School Of Rock Show?

Several months ago, we learned that Nickelodeon signed a straight-to-series order for School of Rock, a brand new TV series based on the well-liked film of the same name. When Nickelodeon announced the series, we didn’t know if any of the cast members from the original movie planned to star or pop up in the TV show.

School Of Rock Is Being Made Into A TV Show

School of Rock's premise seems like an ideal set-up for a kids TV show, so it's a wonder the 2003 film wasn't adapted years ago, especially when we consider Miranda Cosgrove's rise to kid-fame at Nickelodeon in the years that followed the film. As it happens, it's Nickelodeon that's teaming with Paramount Television to bring School of Rock to the small screen.

Andrew Lloyd Webber Bringing Jack Black's School of Rock To Broadway

The door between Hollywood and Broadway has become a revolving portal over the years, with so many movies triggering stage shows, and vice versa. School of Rock makes total sense as a Broadway show, and there should be a part for Black (who can sing), if he’s game.

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Super 8 Casting Associate Discovered To Be A Convicted Child Molester

Much in the way that parents likely hope to send their kids to school, or to some extra-curricular activity without having to fear that the adult they’ve left their child with might be a sexual predator, it’s probably a fair assumption to say the same applies to parents of children in the entertainment industry.

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