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Avatar: The Last Airbender: 5 Things The Latest Katara And Toph One-Off Comics Revealed About The World

The Avatar comics are the best. Here's everything I learned about the world of Avatar from the two latest stories in the saga!

An Avatar: The Last Airbender Universe? Here’s What’s Happening Right Now

Nickelodeon's big boss gave some insight into the current and potential projects from the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

The Legend of Korra: 5 Behind the Scenes Facts About The Avatar Sequel Series

Love The Legend Of Korra? Then check out these 5 behind the scenes facts about the Avatar sequel.

The Legend Of Korra: 5 Directions We Would Like The Series To Go at Avatar Studios

Avatar Studios is opening up a lot of new possibilities for the world of Avatar. Here are 5 directions we want to see The Legend of Korra head in.

5 Avatar: The Last Airbender Movies And Shows We'd Love To See From Avatar Studios

Avatar Studios is going to be bringing even more Avatar content for all the excited fans...

Dream Casting A Legend Of Korra Movie: Who Should Play Korra, Asami And More

I know it's never going to happen, but if it DID happen, here's who I would cast in a The Legend of Korra live-action movie!

What Happens After The Legend of Korra: 5 Events To Know From The Dark Horse Comics

Yes, The Legend of Korra is a great cartoon, but have you read the comics? Here's what happens after the series finale of the show.

The Legend of Korra Ending: How The Series Wrapped Up For Each Major Character
How Legend Of Korra's Voice Actress Feels About Korrasami Today

The Legend of Korra's Korrasami is still a major achievement today when it comes to children's TV, and here's how the star feels today.

The 10 Best Legend Of Korra Episodes, Ranked

Thanks to Netflix, The Legend of Korra has finally found its audience. Here are the show's best episodes.

9 Great Classic Nickelodeon Shows You Can Stream On CBS All Access

Here are some great Nicktoons you can stream on CBS All Access.

The Challenge And 12 Other Non-CBS Shows Streaming On CBS All Access

Where else are you going to find hundreds of hours of MTV's hit competition show?

Why I'm Still Cautiously Optimistic About The Live-Action Avatar TV Show Even Though the Creators Left The Project

Am I bummed that the creators of Avatar left the live-action Netflix adaptation? Yes. Is it hopeless now? I don't think so, and here's why!

Legend Of Korra Star Janet Varney On Whether She'd Return To The Series

With The Legend of Korra now on Netflix, interest is high for the show. Would the voice of the character ever come back for the role? Here's what the actress had to say.

The Legend Of Korra: 5 Reasons To Finally Watch It, Now That It's Coming To Netflix

The Legend of Korra is coming to Netflix! Here are five reasons to get excited.

Netflix New Releases: Movies And TV Shows Streaming In August 2020

Power is only the beginning of August 2020 on Netflix.

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Avatar: The Last Airbender Fan Delivers Amazing Audition Video For Netflix’s Live-Action Show
Dang, Hawaii Five-0’s Daniel Dae Kim Has Actually Been In A Ton Of Major Shows

Daniel Dae Kim has had a sneaky excellent run on TV over the past couple of decades. Take a look.

Why Do So Many People Have A Problem With The Legend Of Korra?

Some people really don't like The Legend of Korra. In this piece, I go over the reasons why, and also offer some counterpoints.

Avatar: The Last Airbender Fans Reignited Legend Of Korra Backlash, But Netflix Wasn't Having It

Netflix jumped in on the Avatar: The Last Airbender vs. The Legend of Korra debate.

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