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We're in a limbo, as film fans. The summer blockbuster season has drawn to a close for yet another year, but we're not quite into the Fall prestige season, when the top studios roll out their Oscar contenders. With one more week to go before being able to dive into First Man or A Star Is Born (and we will have plenty to say about those), the guys caught listeners up on trailer news, a brief detour into Better Call Saul, the hiring of Cary Fukunaga for Bond 25, and previews of Venom and Joaquin Phoenix's upcoming Joker movie.

It ended up being a lot of information! So give this week's podcast a spin.

Because the movies are now in theaters, the ReelBend hosts -- Sean O'Connell, Jake Hamilton and Kevin McCarthy -- also dive back into Life Itself and The House With A Clock In Its Walls, two movies that were maligned by critics who aren't associated with this program! Especially with a movie like Life Itself, it's important for audience members to see certain divisive films and determine for themselves if they work, or are entertaining.

Eddie Murphy is the Nutty Professor

The #Blend game this week centered around Eddie Murphy... and this is before we even heard the news that Murphy and Samuel L. Jackson are circling a remake of Grumpy Old Men. The guys touch on that for a moment, solidifying the fact that it needs to be R rate d if you are going to lure these guys. And from there, Kevin, Jake and Sean tackle their FAVORITE Eddie Murphy movies, explaining why they chose them.

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