That 70s Show Actress Lisa Robin Kelly Died From Multiple Drug Intoxication

There is no set amount of time it takes for someone’s cause of death to be revealed. Sometimes the coroner is able to outline the specific circumstances within a week or so, and sometimes it takes months for advanced toxicology tests to come back. That 70s Show actress Lisa Robin Kelly found herself in the latter group after she tragically passed all the way back in August. The coroner’s initial examination was unable to definitively figure out what happened, but after months of waiting, we finally have an answer.

According to TMZ, Kelly died from an overdose of multiple drugs. Exactly what those multiple drugs may have been won’t be made public for another two weeks until the full coroner’s report comes out, but it’s probably safe to assume at least one of those drugs is alcohol given the strange details about her final days we already know.

A few days prior to her death, Kelly was taken to the hospital to be treated for possible alcohol poisoning. While there, her blood alcohol level reportedly registered .34, or more than four times the legal limit to drive. Doctors were able to stabilize her, and her boyfriend drove her to a rehabilitation center the next day. Two days later, she went into cardiac arrest in the middle of the night and quickly passed away.

In the end, it seems Kelly was never able to overcome her demons, but regardless of how she died, it doesn’t change the fact that she brought joy to millions of people during her time as Laurie Foreman on That 70s Show and in all of the other projects she worked on throughout her career. Pop Blend’s thougths go out to her family and friends during this time of need.

Mack Rawden
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