If new reports are to be believed, Amanda Bynes’ driving isn’t the only thing that’s gone south over the past few months. Apparently, the actress’ relationship with her family members has also gone in the tank. Over the last six months, she’s reportedly isolated herself to such a point that she stopped talking to her parents regularly.

According to TMZ, her mom and dad recently relocated back to California in order to try and help her with whatever has been going on, but thus far, they haven’t had any success at making forward progress. In fact, the actress’ closest friends are allegedly furious at the Bynes’ for not doing more. They supposedly think the parents need to be as proactive as possible before their daughter gets to the point where she destructs further.

Given all the charges currently pending against her, if they don’t act as soon as possible, the court system definitely will. A few months ago, most people likely would have thought the actress deserved to be incarcerated for her many vehicular mistakes. With all the crazy stories going around (locking herself in a dressing room, getting dropped by her agent), however, it seems like she’d be far better off in rehab than locked up in county.

It’s unclear where this situation is headed, but hopefully, it takes a sharp u-turn quickly, whether it’s with the help of her parents or not.

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