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By all accounts, Amanda Bynes has made huge strides over the past few months in her battle with mental illness thanks to the hard work of the doctors at UCLA Medical Center. Moving forward, however, Bynes would apparently rather go in a different direction. The actress reportedly checked out of the acclaimed hospital earlier this month and transferred to a rehabilitation facility in Malibu.

No doubt the move will make Amanda a little more comfortable. Even the nicer hospitals aren’t exactly known for being pinnacles of luxury, but it remains to be seen whether the Easy A star will be able to continue generating the kind of forward progress she did at UCLA.

According to TMZ, she’s been at the Canyon for about three weeks and has mostly kept to herself during that time. She’s apparently not wearing her wig anymore and has serious reservations about the paparazzi being able to photograph her on the facility’s grounds.

That, in a snapshot, is a great explanation for why being a celebrity leads to so many meltdowns. If a famous actress says she’s been followed, chances are she’s actually being followed. During the peak of Bynes’ problems, she was basically being stalked everywhere she went. New pictures were emerging every single day, and everytime there was weird one, that only increased the hoopla.

Bynes is currently under a conservatorship. That means her mom needed to sign off on this decision. That might seem like a foolish move from the outside looking in, but I can’t imagine it’s been particularly easy to watch her daughter in the psych unit of a hospital for months. Besides, there are legitimate questions as to whether holding someone for that long is even a good idea. There’s a difference between receiving rigorous treatment and being forced to eat hospital food everyday.

Wherever Bynes winds up, Pop Blend’s sincerest thoughts go out to her during this time of need. Here’s to hoping she’s able to continue making forward progress.

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