Amber Patrice Riley has been bitching to anyone who will listen about how angry she is at infamous New York nightclub WIP. The actress was planning to hold a party over the weekend with thirty of her friends and cast members at the hot spot famous for the Chris Brown/ Drake altercation, but after a heated disagreement with management, she and her friends were ultimately denied entrance, starting a back-and-forth of angry comments and finger points between the Glee star and those in charge.

Everyone involved agrees Riley contacted the club several days in advance to arrange the details. The actress claims the club changed its mind once she arrived and refused to honor her reservations, but if executives from the club are to be believed, she dug her own grave. Speaking to TMZ, a spokesman told the outlet Riley was promised a free bottle in exchange for her party’s purchase of several bottles, but when they arrived, she and her guests wanted everything for free.

In her tweet that refers to the club as “crooks” and “liars”, Riley never gets into the money situation; so, it’s really difficult to tell whether the club is scrambling for excuses or whether the actress really did expect to get everything for free. Regardless, it’s unlikely anyone involved is interested in Riley ever planning another party at WIP.

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