Haywire: Will Gina Carano Be An Action Star Someday?

Steven Soderbergh’s new film Haywire opened this morning, and the early word from critics has been overwhelmingly positive. The film currently holds an eighty-three percent on Rotten Tomatoes, which is extremely impressive given its lead actress hasn’t really tried her hand at movies before. Very well known within the mixed martial arts community and among people who couldn’t get enough of the American Gladiators reboot, Gina Carano was once considered one of the toughest females in the world. She amassed an impressive seven and one record in MMA fights before stepping away to pursue other interests.

First among those new life goals seems to be making a career in Hollywood, and by all indications, she’s off to a good start. Cinema Blend’s own Katey Rich called Carano Haywire’s key asset, which, for a four star film, is a heck of a compliment. Admittedly, her acting still leaves a bit to be desired at this juncture, but most actors and actresses can and will improve as they get more comfortable. For Carano, the question might be more one of opportunity than talent. There are dozens of action movies made every year, but the vast majority have male protagonists. That being said, Hollywood has always shown its willingness to make money wherever and whenever. If she can prove there’s a market for a female asskicker, someone will keep financing her films. I hope she makes it, but the future is still very unclear.

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