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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Has A Crazy (And Stupid) Theory About Pizza

Pretty much everyone living in the United States loves pizza. It has cheese, sauce, bread and a large variety of customizable toppings. It’s the perfect food, and a passion almost all of us share. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean everyone who loves pizza has good taste in it. Take Joseph Gordon-Levitt, for example. He’s got a weirdo theory about pizza that’s equal parts bizarre, fascinating and kind of stupid.

Speaking during a Reddit AMA Session, the actor was asked how he likes his pizza, and he promptly blurted out this questionable theory…

”The determining factor in good pizza is how recently it came out of the oven. All other factors are comparatively irrelevant.”

Ummm…. WHAT? Is he a hungry Ninja Turtle, willing to eat any godforsaken sewer pizza that floats his way, at least provided it's hot?

Let’s go ahead and break this down, in all the detail pizza deserves. The sauce. The crust. The cheese. The toppings. He thinks all of it is “comparatively irrelevant” compared to how recently it was cooked. So, to clarify, he would rather have a thin crust pepperoni pizza from Papa Johns or a deep dish olives, banana peppers, pineapple and Canadian bacon pizza from Domino's or a Brooklyn-style cheese pizza from a local pizzeria, provided they were hot, over any other pizza from any restaurant he could hand-pick, if that pizza had been out of the oven for a half hour or so.

Madness. Does he even have a favorite pizza place? Does he even save the leftovers to reheat or consume cold the next day?

People think the best thing about Reddit AMAs is asking the actor about upcoming projects. More often than not, though, those produce canned responses. Instead, the best thing about AMAs is when people get asked real human questions because every now and again, the person spits back a shocking answer.

Despite this whole pizza mess, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a damn good actor; so, something tells me people will find it in their hearts to forgive him.

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Mack Rawden

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