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I am profoundly bad at discerning between edgy art and utter nonsense. I wish I had that skill. I feel like I’d be a more intelligent person if I had that skill, but often times, I look at a painting or an experimental film or a piece of fashion and have no idea whether I’m just not getting it or whether there’s really nothing to get. Frequently, I just decide whether I think it took talent to create whatever it is I’m not getting, and if I decide yes, I give it a free pass.

Unfortunately, with Sigur Ros’ new music video for “Fjogur Piano”, I keep waffling back-and-forth. The almost ten minute clip features Transformers actor Shia LaBeouf showing off some side wang and rolling around with an equally undressed female who flips around on a bed, gets painted and stares intently at butterflies. It’s utterly bizarre, and it needs to be seen. Take a look at the clip below, which, obviously, is NOT SAFE FOR WORK

As you can see, there was clearly some kind of vision and larger message here. There might not be a clear story arc, but someone did take the time to work very hard on the visuals and produce a thought-provoking music video. That being said, I haven’t the slightest idea what’s going on or why it needed to exist.

What do you think? Is this art or utter nonsense? Help me decide by voting in the poll below…

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