An overwhelming majority of the things NFL players say while on the field are either woefully uninteresting or filled with too many curse words and/ or team secrets to be played in public. That being said, there are always a few great comments picked up by the microphones that are worth listening to each week, and apparently, when compiled together, they make a pretty sweet YouTube video.

The above footage might seem like a professional NFL clip, but it was actually put together by YouTube user Raider Zahos. He used all the NFL Films clips from this previous season and grouped subject matters together in order to give the video some structure. Mission accomplished. It’s well edited and often times, hilarious.

I think my favorite portion of the clip is Peyton Manning admitting how horrendous his slide was. He thinks about the comment, accepts it and then vows to change in the future. It’s a great insight into how his brain works and a good indicator of why he’s such a successful Saturday Night Live host.

Between minority issues, gay issues and health issues, the NFL hasn’t had a ton of positive press over the past few years. It’s nice to see a video like this and be reminded that, at its core, football is a really fun game.

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