Earlier this week, University of Colorado tight end/ NFL prospect Nick Kasa admitted during an interview that at least one team asked him if he likes girls at the combine. He didn’t seem to consider the incident a big deal, but asking about a potential employee’s sexual orientation is actually a violation of federal law and a violation of the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement with the players. Within hours, the league put out a statement saying an investigation was launched, which is a good thing because two separate players have since come forward and backed up his story.

According to ESPN, both Denard Robinson and Le’veon Bell have since come forward and told various outlets they were also asked about their own sexual orientations during interviews. In response, the league has announced it will interview everyone involved to try and figure out exactly which team or teams engaged in the behavior, and assumedly, the guilty parties will be penalized severely.

It’s highly unlikely that any NFL general managers are so homophobic they wouldn’t be willing to draft a homosexual player. What I think is more likely is that these teams are asking about everything they can imagine, trying to gauge whether a person is a partier, whether they’ve settled down, whether they’ll be reliable and whether they have good support systems. Even so, however, there’s now way NFL executives won’t take this seriously. We’ll let you know what their investigation discovers.

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