Fans who weren’t able to attend the invite-only memorial of Whitney Houston will get their chance to remember the singer another way next month. Julien’s Auctions has announced its adding some items worn by the singer to an already planned Hollywood sale. Alongside Charlie Chaplin’s cane and the staff Charlton Heston used in The Ten Commandments, interested parties will now be able to bid on the earrings Houston wore in The Bodyguard, as well as a floor length black dress. The former is valued at $600 and the latter at $1000, but they’ll almost definitely sell for well over those figures. It might be sad to think about, but interest in the “How Will I Know” songstress is heightened thanks to the recent tragedy.

According to The Associated Press, the auction house has preemptively defended itself against claims of exploiting the singer’s death, arguing the sale of the items will be a good way to honor her memory. That’s a good piece of public relations spin, but it’s also not completely without merit. Many fans really do want to find ways to celebrate Whitney’s life right now, and if the people who own these items are ready to part with them, I don’t personally have a problem with it. There’s no one single way to honor a legend.

That being said, I understand the irritation many onlookers feel toward making money off Houston’s death, especially money that doesn’t in anyway benefit her daughter Bobbi. Perhaps waiting more than a few days after she was buried would have been more tasteful. What do you think? Is it too soon to profit from Whitney’s death? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Should These Items Be Auctioned?

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