Death has a way of bringing to light a whole slew of buried facts, allegations and wild rumors. Not surprisingly, more than a few concerning Whitney Houston have popped up since she passed a few weeks ago, but today’s newest is actually very old. It concerns the late singer and Michael Jackson’s brother Jermaine. Insiders have long speculated the two may have had an affair during the early 80s while Houston was first breaking into the music business.

Jackson himself addressed those claims in his book You Are Not Alone: Michael, Through A Brother’s Eyes, but he argued the two stopped at flirting. After all, he was married to Motown founder Barry Gordy’s daughter Hazel at the time. If the story run in The Sun is to be believed however, his denials were straight up lies. The outlet argues the two actually engaged in a year-long love affair, much to the irritation of Michael Jackson. He reportedly told his brother his wife should be his first priority, but those words fell on deaf ears.

It’s unlikely we’ll ever know for sure whether or not this actually happened. Houston is gone, and Jackson probably won’t speak on the record. Even if he does, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll tell the truth. Objectively though, this whole thing does make sense. They did work together for an extended period of time and did get along very well. Clearly, their connection wasn’t that strong however because both moved on to other people.

Regardless, Jackson was reportedly hit very hard by Houston's death but elected not to attend her funeral. Whether that's evidence for or against the affair is for you to decide.

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