Chris Brown was in court today for a pretty standard probation hearing, but the proceedings wound up being anything but after it was discovered the singer failed a drug test in Virginia. The positive result was only for marijuana, which the hip-hop star has a prescription for in California, but given it’s still against the law there, Brown probably could have been sent to jail for violating his probation.

Luckily, the judge proved to be at least moderately sympathetic to his cause. According to E! Online, Brown was rebuked rather harshly by the court, but he didn’t get anything tacked on to his punishment. In fact, he sort of came out a winner.

All of Brown’s future probation hearings have been transferred to California. He’s now legally required to register with a parole officer near his actual home, and he’s due back in front of the court on November 1st. During the break, a judge will reportedly verify that all of his community service has been completed and get more information on the failed drug test.

Someone having a little weed in his system definitely isn’t a reason to throw him back in jail, but it is a reason to question what the hell he was thinking. Having a smoke now and again is a fun time. In no way, shape or form, however, is it fun enough to chance going to jail.

Here’s to hoping the next time Brown shows up to court there won’t be any surprises at all.

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