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This week on Operation Kino we're back to our usual crew of four, though only two of us saw this week's film up for review, Cars 2. To make up for it we expand the review into an extra-long segment three, talking about the legacy of Pixar and how they can keep it going despite a critical disaster like Cars 2. But first we start with the lightning round, talking about performances by musicians-turned-actors, and then get into tidbits, where Katey gets introduced to The Road Warrior, Dave talks about the Green Lantern movie that could have been (as described in this interview), Patches revisits Gosford Park and David cooks up a harebrained theory about supehero movie plots and where else you can find them. We end, as always, with your answers to our lightning round question for dessert.

And this week, we've also got a giveaway! Listen just after tidbits and just before our review of Cars 2 for the details on our giveaway of a giant box of Transformers: Dark of the Moon toys. To enter, just answer the question we ask during the show and post it in the comments below; login via Facebook or Twitter to comment, though, so we're able to track you down in case you're the winner. Unfortunately only US residents can enter, since we simply can't afford to ship this many robots in disguise overseas.

Oh, and! We now have a Twitter feed! You know you're dying to follow it.

Take a listen below and find all your downloading options; for more from all of us, you can follow Da7e (@da7e), David (@davidehrlich or @CriterionCorner), Patches (@misterpatches) and me (@kateyrich) on Twitter.

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00:00-00:50 Lightning Round

00:50-23:41 Introductions and tidbits

23:41-26:15 Transformers giveaway!

26:15- 54:56 Cars 2 reviewed and Pixar's legacy and future discussed

54:56-59:00 Dessert!