The Legend of Drunken Master

The Legend of Drunken Master stars Jackie Chan playing some guy who has some problem and has to fix the problem and basically ends up kicking a bunch of ass in the process. This is a Jackie Chan movie, the plot really isn't that important, you go for the martial arts, the incredible stunts, and the occasional joke. Originally, this movie was released in Asia as Legend of the Drunken Master II, the sequel to the original Drunken Master film. But for the US release, we're all just supposed to pretend its the only one. Having said that, Legend of the Drunken Master is the finest martial arts film... finest Jackie Chan film I have ever had the pleasure of watching.

Till now I had always thought Chan to be a great stuntman, skilled martial artist, and even a pretty fair comedian. Now I know that he is the GREATEST martial artist ever to grace the silver screen. Never in my life have I seen such spectacular choreography, such amazing moves, such amazing fighting skills in any movie. This movie surpasses anything Jackie Chan, or anyone else has ever done before. It is simply put, an amazing piece of work.

But there is more. Its funny, its quirky, and quite well written. Chan's acting is actually better in this film than it has been in any of his recent movies. Chan's character Wong Fei-Hong, the master of the Drunken fighting style, starts out as a teenage fop. An immature kid with incredible fighting talent. By the end, he truly is the Drunken Master he says he is.

Special props should go to the actress who plays Jackie's stepmother in the film. I imagine she is much better if you can watch it in the original Cantonese, but even through the dubbing you can see how much she has put into her part. She may be his stepmother, but she's also his quirky sidekick, his biggest supporter, and really his best friend.

If you like martial arts, Jackie Chan, or just plain action movies, The Legend of Drunken Master is a must see. In this Hobbit's opinion Bruce Lee ain't got nothing on Jackie Chan. The Legend of Drunken Master puts together THE MOST amazing fight sequences EVER captured on film.