How Supergirl's Guardian Reveal Will Be Like Friends

No one told Supergirl that life was gonna be this way (CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP).

New Release Tuesday - Score For A Millionaire

The fifth and final Golden Globe nominated film score hits shelves today. A.R. Rahman's music for Slumdog Millionaire may put the composer on the American map. He's been something of a prolific writer for Indian films (averaging around seven films per year) but

New Release Tuesday - The Good, The Bad and the Golden Globes

Ten, count them, ten new soundtrack releases this week including two from the Golden Globe nominations list

Yes Man Soundtrack - Zooey Deschanle Rocks The Keytar

The reality is Munchausen By Proxy is the fake 80's-homage-esque band from the film and the leadsinger is the character played by the beautiful and talented Zooey Deschanel. That's right...Zooey jamming out on the keytar. Sound awful? It's actually kind of hilarious in a Twilight-Zone kind of way.

Jackson Goes Eno For The Lovely Bones

Peter Jackson has tapped a composer to score his latest directorial effort, The Lovely Bones, but for a director of Jackson's caliber the pick seems more than a little unusual.


Finally! John Powell scores a Disney movie! Forgive my excitement, but for all the animated movie scores Powell has composed it’s a wonder and a shame Disney hasn’t had him on board to do one of theirs. Now it’s happened and the results

66th Golden Globes Announces Music Noms

The major awards season has officially kicked off with this morning's announcements of the Golden Globe award nominations. The awards are usually considered a clue-in as to what the Academy Award nominations may look like and the categories for best original score and best original song are no exception.

Marley and Me Score For The Dogs

When your movie stars Jennifer Aniston (to bring in the guys), a really cute golden lab

puppy (to bring in the girls) and Owen Wilson (to try and bring in everything inbetween)

you don't really need a powerful soundtrack to help draw in your audience. You just need

something light and fluffy to make the dog a touch cuter, Anitson's tears a bit softer and

Owen Wilson a little less creepy.

New Release Tuesday - Bonus Batman

the real big new release is the 2 CD special edition release of the score from The Dark Knight. There's been big news lately about whether or not this score would be eligible for consideration for this year's Academy Awards. At the latest check they're still in, making this special release even more reason for fans to celebrate.

Dark Knight Composers Eligible Again; Still Getting The Shaft

The score for The Dark Knight is a solid achievement, but if you ask me both Shore and Zimmer are getting the shaft. Their collaboration on Dark Knights' predecessor Batman Begins was eliminated in 2005 on a similar technicality that almost cost them this year, but there wasn't a fierce battle on their behalf at that point. Why not?

Goldenthal To Ring Prospera's Bell

Julie Taymor's next venture into the realm of Shakespeare has a composer. Once again she's tapped Elliot Goldenthal for her cross-gender journey into the world of The Tempest. The film, which takes the classic character Prospero and

Review: X-Files: I Want To Believe

Snow, whose presence is no surprise, has pretty much composed anything musically related to the series, whether television show or movie. While the story and characters have pretty much gone out with a fizzle in I Want To Believe, Snow and his score go out on a high note.


Whole cinematic fantasy worlds can be made or broken with the music written for it. Harry Gregson-Williams set the tone for The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe with a score filled with adventure and child-like wonderment, equal to the story it told. For the most part he succeeds again with the next film in the series, Prince Caspian, but the accomplishment is tainted by

New Releases - May 13th

New releases in soundtracks this week brings even more summer excitement. Harry Gregson-William’s score to The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian arrives with even more of what made his music for The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe incredible. Regina Spektor and Switchfoot fans will get an extra bonus

Review: Doomsday

Bates’ score appears, full of repetitive themes and elements that sound borrowed from a myriad of other movies. Perhaps that’s fitting since the movie itself does a lot of borrowing as well. Unispiring strings, distorted guitars, panicked brass and out of control percussion take turns trading out alternating sleepy and chaotic moments that aren’t interesting in the least to listen to.

MUSIC AT THE OSCARS - Part 4: The Songs

This year music played interesting roles in film. Across the Universe did for The Beatles what “Mama Mia” did for Abba. Whether or not that’s a good thing is a matter of personal taste I suppose. [Part 4 of a look at some of the Oscar Nominated scores and songs for 2007.]

MUSIC AT THE OSCARS - Part 3: The Kite Runner

Most of the recent films set in the Middle East employ the same instruments and regional styles, but since they’re generally stories about war they deliver a harsher treatment. Iglesias’ presents a more tender touch, one worthy of a story about a smaller struggle, but one no less important for the world to see and hear. [Part 3 of a look at some of the Oscar Nominated scores and songs for 2007.]

MUSIC AT THE OSCARS - Part 2: Atonement

What makes for a truly great film score? That’s the question members of the Academy are required to ask themselves when trying to decide what scores to nominate. Obviously the first criteria is to determine whether or not the score was composed by John Williams. If it’s not, the process of analysis gets a little bit more involved. [Part 2 of a look at some of the Oscar Nominated scores and songs for 2007.]

MUSIC AT THE OSCARS - Part 1: Ratatouille

A big part of what makes Ratatouille an all around great film is its amazing soundtrack. Carefully and joyfully crafted by Michael Giacchino, the score did receive an Oscar nomination and, in my opinion, deserves the win without question. [Part 1 of a look at some of the Oscar Nominated scores and songs for 2007.]

Soundtracks and Film Songs Won Something At The Grammy's Too

Last night was full of non-surprises at the Grammy awards. A bunch of musicians who generally gained popularity thanks to their songs being cranked out once an hour on Clear Channel radio stations went home with a lot of awards. The really great music, the kind that used to be front and center at the Grammys, didn't get much attention. Among those rushed over categories were the awards for music for television and film.

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