Back in July, Syfy opted to buy a brand new project based on the popular film 12 Monkeys. Like the 1995 film, the 12 Monkeys drama will be put together by Universal Cable Productions and Atlas Entertainment, who produced the movie back in the day. On Monday, Syfy picked the project up to pilot.

While nabbing a pilot order seems like it should be awesome news, it may have been a bit of a setback for the drama, which was initially being considered for a series order just last month. Apparently, something changed with the project after it was pitched and bought by the network, and Syfy has opted to see what the pilot will look like before it decides whether or not to move forward with a series order.

While this may be a setback for the drama, Syfy’s President of Original Programming Mark Stern said last month that the specs for the pilot were already together, and were written by Terre Nova and Nikita writers Terry Matalas and Travis Fickett.
"We have a great pilot. We're now flushing out what the rest of the series might be.”

Stern's words might have been insinuating that the project needed to be fleshed out more before it is considered for series. Theoretically, this shouldn't be too tough to figure out. The 12 Monkeys plotline could follow a trajectory that is similar to the original film, which starred Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis. The post-apocalyptic film followed a man named James Cole, a convicted criminal living in a world where people must live underground in order to avoid a virus that has killed many. The future may be treacherous, but the good new is that time travel exists. The science has yet to be perfected, but despite this, Cole is sent into the past to help find the source of the virus released by the Army of Twelve Monkeys and stop it before the virus begins to destroy humanity.

According to a press release from the network, shooting for the pilot will occur this November, so the writers have a little time to work out any kinks that may have kept Syfy from giving the drama a series order, a la Helix, which was picked up to series in the same sort of deal that 12 Monkeys was initially presumed to get.

Now, 12 Monkeys will be competing with the other two pilots the network has in the works that are hoping to earn a series order. The first is Bryan Fuller’s pilot High Moon, which is set in the future and will cover a group of settlers uncovering secrets on the moon. The other big pilot is M. Night Shyamalan’s Proof, which will follow a billionaire tech genius who wants to find proof of life after death. The 12 Monkeys pilot will be competing against some big names, but it does have an historically loved movie to back it. We’ll keep you updated as the pilot for the drama comes together over the next couple of months.

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