Bones Is Killing Off More Characters, Here's What We Know

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Spoilers below for Bones' Season 11 finale.

When Bones' season finale came to a close on Thursday night, viewers' jaws were no doubt pretty comfortable in their dropped positions, as former squintern Zack Addy made a most surprising return, taking Brennan hostage and seemingly revealing himself to be at least in connection with the Puppeteer serial killer. And you can bet that the final season won't be lessening the stakes, as showrunners Jonathan Collier and Michael Peterson revealed at Comic-Con that we'll definitely be saying goodbye to more characters. Here's what they said when asked about potentials deaths in Season 12.

A little bit maybe, but in a really good way. [laughs] There are two other people from past seasons who will die in this final season. So, take your guess.

While that's a pretty vague way to drop an info-bomb like that, it's still quite explosive. Bones has had no problem dropping characters off in the past, but Season 12 will be chopped in half for its midseason debut, so that's two dead folks coming in 13 episodes.

The mind immediately wonders if the show's creative team could bring themselves to take out a major character, such as either Brennan or Booth, to end the series. Barring that, one of the other regular characters on Team Bones could fall, though probably not two of them. But then if you pull it back to think about all of the characters that we've met over the years that fit the "from past seasons" distinction, we could spend the rest of the summer speculating.

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Of course, now that we know Addy is going to be back for Season 12 (we barring some bizarre off-season decision to just retcon that episode), we can definitely throw his name into the hat. Especially if he has less than stellar motivations for how he handles Brennan. Be smart, young (crazy) man.

Bones may not have the ratings it once had, and it may be too large a margin there, but the show's core fanbase has stuck with the show for this many years already, There's just one more season left to go, and we're going to need to mock up some wreaths and don some funeral garb when Season 12 debuts on Fox in early 2017. To see everything else that's coming in the following months, presumably all complete with major character deaths, check out our fall TV schedule. Who do you guys think will bite the metaphorical bullet next year?

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