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Spoilers if you aren't caught up on HBO's new series Westworld at this point!

Westworld has been convoluted and mysterious since its first few moments on the small screen. While some of these mysteries have already played out and become clearer during the first season of the HBO drama--for instance we know Bernard and Arnold look the same, and that the android version of the character was modeled after the creator of the park--other mysteries have not been solved at this point. With the finale hitting the schedule this weekend, actor Jeffrey Wright explained that Westworld has been a lot more honest than we might think. In fact, he had this to say:

Everything has been revealed since the first episode. It's all been there on the table. Despite that, I don't think there was anyone who completely read us cover to cover or perhaps wasn't trusting that they were being told the truth from the start.

Speaking to TV Line about the awesome fan theories that many Westworld viewers have put together, Jeffrey Wright noted that the show has done a lot to leave all of the clues on the table, little Hansel and Gretel crumbs that audiences can turn into answers if they line them up in the right way. He also noted that he has been "blown away" and "really gratified" to see people working on theories early on during Season 1. I guess the better way to put it is that Westworld has revealed plenty, and may actually be less mysterious than we think. One thing is for certain: Westworld is a series that forces you to sit up and pay attention.

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Again, a lot of those theories panned out. Many fans had an inkling that Bernard was actually an android early on in the series. And the potential giveaways became clearer as time went on. Eventually they became apparent when Theresa found a drawing of Bernard plus his programming would not allow him to see certain things in the work room. In some ways, it can be really gratifying when fan theories pans out.

Bernard theories aren't the only concepts that viewers have latched on to. We've seen plenty of discussion about what HBO has shown us in terms of what year we are seeing on Westworld. There are also other theories about characters, most notably William and The Man in Black. The showrunners have already stated that "most of the questions" will be answered during the Season 1 finale, so it's easy to see how the set-up has already been in place on the show to make all of the big reveals.

Westworld is pulling in a lot of directions at once, and I really want to know whether Jeffrey Wright will be back and whether we'll learn Elsie's fate and more. Luckily, none of us have much longer to wait to find out what is actually going on in the mysterious them park. You can catch the Season 1 finale this Sunday at 9 p.m. ET. Plus, if you aren't caught up, yet, Westworld has already been renewed for a second season with more seasons planned, and we highly suggest you getting on this crazy train before Season 2 rolls around.

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