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Doctor Who fans have been out of luck for a while when it comes to full seasons of new episodes. The last regular season episode aired way back in 2015 and saw the departure of companion Clara from the TARDIS. All viewers have had to go on ever since have been a pair of Christmas specials, but the end of the long hiatus is nigh, and we just got a closer look at the shenanigans that the Twelfth Doctor will get into with new companion Bill. Take a look!

We got a glimpse of Bill shortly after Pearl Mackie was cast in the role, and the first scene showed her questioning the Doctor about the peculiarities of a Dalek while he desperately tried to impress upon her the murderous nature of the machines. Basically, we already knew that she was going to be an inquisitive companion not easily dazzled by the Doctor and the novelty of his space adventures. The new trailer goes even further to show that she is also not going to be immediately impressed by the Doctor in the TARDIS.

Evidently, Bill has an incredibly average life before she meets the Doctor. She doesn't look like she's miserable in her job serving fries, but she also doesn't look hesitant about leaving that gig behind to travel through space and time. It seems that she'll meet the Doctor during one of his relatively rare phases of settling into one location in time, perhaps still dealing with the emotional ups and downs of the recent end of the River Song story.

Over the years, versions of the Doctor have used the name John Smith when they need to pass as humans; if Bill knows him as "Doctor What," we can guess that Twelve has foregone the fake name. Who knows? Maybe the psychic paper will help him land his job as professor/lecturer named John What. The trailer (courtesy of BBC America) promises a fresh take on the Doctor/companion dynamic with Bill.

No matter what, it looks like Pearl Mackie's Bill will be in for a sensory overload when she makes the move from her food service job to adventuring to other planets and other time streams with the Doctor. He certainly won't be taking it easy on her if they're encountering Daleks so early in their time together. The brief clip of Bill's first look at the inside of the TARDIS indicates that she might skip the traditional "It's bigger on the inside!" marvel at the incredible properties of the time machine. I admittedly haven't watched all 50+ years of the series, but I'm pretty sure that Bill isn't in a long line of companions that have compared the inner chamber of the TARDIS to a kitchen.

Unfortunately, we can't say much about the stories that will take place in Season 10, but it's still easy to see that there will be plenty of action to go with all the adventures for Bill's first excursions in the TARDIS. I'll admit that I got a laugh when I heard a Wilhelm scream, and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the Doctor and Companion back in costumes and period outfits to get into trouble together. All things considered, Season 10 might actually be a great time for new folks to give Doctor Who a try. The season will be a tad lighter than last year's, and Bill's questioning of the Doctor about everything from Daleks to the workings of the TARDIS may be the perfect sources of exposition to initiate newcomers into the world of the Doctor.

Doctor Who will return to the airwaves for Season 10 in Spring 2017. Take a look at our midseason TV premiere schedule to see what you can catch on the small screen in the meantime.

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