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Well, we've been waiting for months to see what catchphrase The Celebrity Apprentice with Arnold Schwarzenegger would use when the show finally came back to NBC. Now we know exactly how he fires people, and it's everything we had hoped for. The two-hour premiere of The Celebrity Apprentice went off without a hitch, and it seems that the show has decided to go with a catchphrase that everyone will know and love immediately. When Schwarzenegger fires people he sends them off with a stern "you're terminated."

Well, that's not exactly a surprising choice for a catchphrase, is it? But, that's not a bad thing, either. Donald Trump made a big impact with his "you're fired" catchphrase during his years hosting both versions of The Apprentice, and a lot of that was because of how easy it was to remember and how catchy the phrase was. Seeing as how one of Arnold Schwarzenegger's most famous roles is that of the terminator in the movies of the same name, it makes a lot of sense to use that and incorporate it into the show. Sure, "you're terminated" may be something that many of us guessed would be used as his catchphrase, but all that means is that the show knows to play into the hands of the Schwarzenegger fans who would surely be tuning in to The Celebrity Apprentice.

So, how did tonight's firings go down? Well, the first task for the two teams was to create a presentation for advisor Tyra Banks' company Tyra Beauty. The women's team, Team Prima, lost that particular challenge, with Tyra noting that she liked the energy they created with the presentation, but didn't like the fact that they neglected to talk about the formulations that were used in her products. Project leader Porsha Williams was, obviously, brought back for the firing session, along with team members Carrie Keagan and Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi. Schwarzenegger spent a lot of time pushing Carrie to say whether or not she gave 100% to working on the task, but at the end it didn't matter. He released her with "Carrie, you're terminated. Get to the chopper." Perfect, right?

The firing at the end of the second hour of the show switched things up just enough to keep it interesting. This time, the two teams were charged with writing a song and making a music video that could serve as an ad for Trident gum. The women lost out on this challenge, as well, and that left project leader Carnie Wilson and her two choices for elimination, Nicole (yup, again) and Lisa Leslie, back in the boardroom. This time, Schwarzenegger was convinced that Carnie had made the wrong decision in trying to get either of these two fired, so he gave the big pink slip to Carnie. She was sent away with "Carnie, you're terminated. Hasta la vista, baby." See? This is just getting better all the time.

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It's clear that Arnold Schwarzenegger and The Celebrity Apprentice are ready and willing to have some fun with his action hero legacy on the show. I can't wait until the week where he says to one of the celebrities "you're not a tumor, but you are terminated."