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When Westworld was renewed just a short time ago, HBO was pretty cagey regarding when the original series could potentially come back. News at the time indicated that it could be in late 2017 or in 2018, but now those potential timeslots have been narrowed down further. In an interview, HBO President Casey Bloys has revealed that we will definitely not be getting Westworld Season 2 until 2018. Here's the direct comment:

Here's the good news: We've got Westworld coming back for 2018.

We know, we know, Casey Bloys' comment to THR is not as revealing as it could be. For instance, will Westworld air in the winter of 2018, kicking off a strong midseason lineup? Or will HBO hold Westworld until the late spring or early summer and air it opposite Game of Thrones? Although waiting until 10 p.m. ET to catch Westworld would not be my favorite prospect, that could be the best fit, as 2018 will be the final season for Game of Thrones and HBO will doubtless be looking for a heavy hitter to replace it.

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What's most unfortunate about the 2018 premiere date is that it will be more than a year between Season 1 and Season 2 of Westworld. While I think the fandom is excited enough about new episodes to wait that long, it really does slow down the momentum of a TV series to take more than a year between seasons. For Westworld, this has been common, as it spent well over a year in development before the science fiction series even hit the schedule.

One way that HBO could combat this moving forward is by giving Westworld early renewals, which would allow the drama to keep moving in the same way that HBO's Game of Thrones manages to continually keep writing and filming and producing new episodes each year. The Westworld team has already stated that there are at least five or six seasons worth of ideas that they have already put together for the subscription cable drama, so if HBO wants to keep going with the science fiction series, it should be easier to get on a schedule moving forward. At least we're really hoping that's the tact HBO takes.

For now, though, we won't be getting new episodes until 2018, although HBO has plenty of intriguing programming coming up in the meantime, including but not limited to programming like The Young Pope and Big Little Lies. To find out what HBO has coming up this winter, do take a look at our midseason TV premiere schedule. While we wait for new episodes of Westworld, you can also take a look at what we know about Westworld Season 2.

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