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The Purge Is Becoming A TV Series

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The successful gore horror franchise The Purge is on its way to television. Blumhouse Studios has announced the project, as part of the new television studio they just launched alongside ITV. In addition to other series, the studio is looking to bring the violent world of our twisted future to your television screen!

The Purge television series looks to tell a new tale based on the same world of the films and will air on USA and Syfy. Deadline offers no specific details regarding the plot, but we do know the films will continue to run in theaters alongside the series. While it seems a given the films and the show will operate within the same universe, it is not known whether or not the show will tie in with the events of the film. The next film in The Purge franchise is set for release July 4th of 2018.

With no release date set for the television series, it's possible the next film for The Purge could pave the way for the new story being told on the small screen. It's also plausible that The Purge television series could operate on the world outside of The Purge or perhaps be a prequel series, although I'm not sure how a show focused on politics and not killing would be received by fans of horror. It's worth mentioning that the first film in The Purge franchise takes place in 2022, and the first Purge takes place in 2018. This uncharted territory could be the sweet spot the series is aiming for as it explores the opening years of the event, as well as serve as a prequel explaining some of the more nuanced details of the world not covered by the films.

That would be a solid fit as we reported months ago writer/director of The Purge James DeMonico (who will oversee the series) wants The Purge 4 to be a prequel film surrounding the events leading up to the first Purge. The fourth film would bring us all the nitty gritty leading up to the series and then be able to return to the events following The Purge: Election Year while the series continues the storyline of the fourth film. That sounds like a good idea, as I can't imagine how long an audience will stick around in a horror series where all crime is illegal for an indefinite period. I just don't see a scenario where we get a television show called The Purge and see no purging going on.

Expect to hear more updates from us once we learn what The Purge television show will be about. Until then, you can check up on the show's we know about via our midseason premiere guide and summer premiere schedule.

Mick Joest
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