There's an unwritten rule of being a Doctor Who fan: the waiting is the hardest part. You could say that for anything, but it couldn't be more true when it comes to the BBC's long-running revival of its even longer-running sci-fi epic, since its extended breaks slow the momentum and cast doubt on the show's future. The Season 10 delay came paired with the news that Peter Capaldi was leaving his position as the Sainted Physician after this year's Christmas special. And yet, with Season 10's premiere episode "The Pilot," Doctor Who seems to be doing what it does best: bouncing back, and it's all thanks to its central trio.

Doctor Who especially shows off its magic with some antics involving its newly formed threesome, comprised of new companion Bill, returning companion Nardole, and of course, The Doctor himself. Each of them gets their own unique way to stand out, forming a team that could make for one hell of a season. Here, we'll get into the big reasons why.

Bill Isn't Like Past Companions

Most other folks that step into the TARDIS exclaim that it's "bigger on the inside" and fall over themselves because of this fact. Not Bill, though, who is indeed impressed by the TARDIS, though she's not so gobsmacked that she can't think. The Doctor sees this in her, as he pretty much selects her to take his course as a university professor.

But perhaps her greatest difference from companions of the past -- no, it's not her sexuality -- is the fact that she doesn't seem that anchored down to Earth. This may change in the future, but for now, Bill almost feels like a human version of The Doctor, particularly after the loss of her new crush, Heather. With Bill's infinite curiosity and easy humor now tinged with a sense of loss, we might see her veering into some morally gray areas, and The Doctor may have to use his more human-like traits to bring her back from the edge.

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