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The Dark Tower Stephen King book art

With The Dark Tower film only months away, now seems a good a time as any to check up on the status of the much-teased TV series of the same name. With the world eagerly awaiting a trailer for the film, fans are beginning to wonder how much longer they have to wait until we can all see Idris Elba kick some ass. While he had no updates on a trailer, Ron Howard is straight shooting with fans in regards to the television series:

We are working on the television component. That's not a commitment on the television side, but creatively, it could work very well, hand in hand with what we'd like the movies to be.

That doesn't necessarily sound bad, but far from good. I have to give Ron Howard props for not mincing words to TV Guide and letting all of us know where The Dark Tower TV series stands. With no distributor or network lined up to air what was originally pitched as a companion series to The Dark Tower films, I don't imagine we're seeing anything anytime soon. The film itself has had zero new promotion as of late outside of Cinemacon (which is a bit bizarre for a blockbuster film so close to release), which may not be playing well with networks, considering a lot of the television series will hinge on its success.

While the original pitch for The Dark Tower television series was to be a companion show to link future films, the latest word on the series was that the show would be an adaptation of the Stephen King prequel to The Dark Tower, Wizard And Glass. Even though this series is not as tied to the feature film as the original pitch, producer and co-writer Akiva Goldsman said the series would be heavily rooted in the adventures of Roland prior to the film. The project even had actors from the film like Idris Elba (who plays Roland in the film) and Tom Taylor (Jake Chambers) committed to the series which obviously would've been a big deal. With so much tying this project to the film and the cost of production along with the A-List talent price tag, you can understand why some networks would rather wait until the film's premiere to make any decisions regarding a series.

So the moral of the story is if you want The Dark Tower TV series, you should see the movie in theaters. Even then it doesn't seem a solid guarantee that the show is happening, but, if Ron Howard is still interested in making it happen, then don't count it out. As we wait for updates regarding shows that don't exist yet, be sure you're informed on what does exist via our midseason premiere guide and summer premiere schedule!