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Love Actually Follow-Up Adds Grey's Anatomy Star

Patrick Dempsey as Derek Shepherd Grey's Anatomy

The UK may have beat us to the punch with their Love Actually sequel for Red Nose Day, but it looks like our version will be more complete. Round two of the charity-driven sequel for the Richard Curtis directed original will feature an additional scene with former Grey's Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey in a scene exclusive to the U.S. Red Nose Day Actually Special airing on May 25th.

For those of you wondering what role Patrick Dempsey played in Love Actually, he wasn't in the original film. While Dempsey is one of the only actors appearing in the revival who wasn't in the original film, his appearance is meant to accommodate another actress who was missing from the original revival. Dempsey will feature alongside actress Laura Linney, who played Sarah in the 2003 film. EW says it's unclear what scene the two are filming together to add to the previously aired 10 minute special in the UK, as well as the connection between Dempsey's character and Linney's.

In Love Actually, Sarah is eyeing the affection of her boss Karl, who is played by actor Rodrigo Santoro. The two share a kiss in their Love Actually storyline, but nothing more happens and Sarah ends the film with her mentally ill brother Michael, opting to stay with him over the holidays. There has been no word if Santoro will be appearing in this new scene between Patrick Dempsey and Laura Linney, but if he does you have to imagine Karl and Dempsey's character will be somewhat at odds. Then again, maybe the goal is just to give Sarah the romantic send off she was denied in the first film.

Patrick Dempsey is just one of the features in an entire night of activities set for the American Red Nose Day special. Beyond the Red Nose Day Actually short, viewers will be treated to a full-length special that includes Chris Hardwick, Stephen Amell and other celebrities on American Ninja Warrior, and Julia Roberts traveling with Bear Grylls. NBC is packing hours of television into this year's Red Nose Day special, for a night of entertainment that will once again raise awareness for children in poverty. It will definitely be a night of can't miss television.

Be sure to catch Patrick Dempsey and set your DVR for NBC's Red Nose Day Special May 25th at 10 p.m. ET. If you're just now learning about this event and wondering how you could be in the dark on something this awesome for so long, be sure to bookmark our summer premiere guide to ensure something like this doesn't happen again. It also might be a good idea to bookmark our finale guide as many shows are ending and you don't want to miss a chance to catch all the exciting cliffhangers and twists your shows have to offer.

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