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While fans of The Late Show are used to seeing the outspoken Stephen Colbert spending his time taking charged political jabs at President Donald Trump and his administration, things got a lot more optimistic on last night's broadcast, which featured a giant episode-length reunion of former Daily Show stars from that series' most iconic stretch. Colbert welcomed Jon Stewart, Samantha Bee, Ed Helms, Rob Corddry and John Oliver (as Steve Carrell), and the gang took a trip back into the past for a pristine recreation of Colbert's last day at The Daily Show back in 2005.

The whole frigging Late Show episode was good, don't get me wrong, but this segment brings out everything that I love about all of these entertainers: broad humor dressed with subtleties, and high brow jokes crawling around with low brow jokes. Oh, and the funny hair, of course. Because a comedy sketch is not a true comedy sketch unless someone has got the funniest hair. Even though it's a flashback to 2005, there is no faux-follicle consistency.

Samantha Bee appears to be an extra on Miami Vice. Ed Helms won Worst Dressed at a Village People costume party. Rob Corddry is possibly a professional wrestler turned announcer. And Jon Stewart...well, he looks like Jon Stewart in a bad wig.

the late show daily show reunion

Take a drink of whatever Mountain Dew flavor was popular in 2005 every time these guys make a joke that is super-specific to the year in which the flashback takes place. Now, there obviously were some political jokes involved, since mixing former Daily Show crew members is just asking for D.C. satire saturation. It is nice, though, that George W. Bush is the subject matter, and they're basically kind to him, as opposed to what things used to be like. You know...whenever Steve Carrell looked like himself and not like current Last Week Tonight host John Oliver. But maybe my memory is just fuzzy.

When Stephen Colbert spread his big bald eagle wings and flew away from The Daily Show to settle in his new Colbert Report nest, he destroyed something beautiful. But from that, something else that was equally beautiful grew. And when he also destroyed that, he moved to CBS. And here we are. Looking for our yogurts.

You can still catch The Daily Show every night on Comedy Central at 11:00 p.m. ET. And, of course, you can see Stephen Colbert rocking it on The Late Show on CBS every night at 11:35 p.m. ET. And to see when everything else is heading to the small screen soon during the primetime hours, head to our summer TV schedule.

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