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Ridley Scott Is Heading To TV For A Sci-Fi Extravaganza

Alien: Covenant Xenomorph

As if Ridley Scott wasn't getting enough headlines with Alien: Covenant just around the corner, he's getting ahead of himself today, as it was announced he's jumping into television in a huge way. One of the kings of sci-fi is stepping away from his cinematic throne to team up with TNT for a weekly block of original science fiction programming. Here's what we know so far about Scott's involvement with this sci-fi awesomeness.

Concrete details about specific projects are scarce, considering things are in the earliest stages, but the plan in motion is for Ridley Scott to help create a night of science fiction programming said to consist of things like an hour-long flagship series, som short-form content, and other formats for projects developed by, or made in collaboration with, Scott. Both Free Scott Productions and Turner are collaborating on the project for TNT, but we're still waiting to hear if we'll catch this genre-happy block in early 2018 or beyond.

With Ridley Scott's busy schedule, one has to wonder how he will find the time for what sounds like an ambitious project. Just glancing at his IMDB will show you he's already involved with about 17 projects that are in pre- or post-production, and he still has obligations to the press tour for Alien: Covenant and whatever he's taking on immediately following that. That's a schedule a man of 30 would have trouble keeping up with, let alone a man of 79. With so much abstracts being thrown around in this announcement, you have to wonder when exactly Scott is planning to hammer out these details with TNT.

If things end up falling through, it wouldn't be the first time something like this was put into motion. You may remember about a year ago, we told you M. Night Shyamalan was creating a horror block to air alongside his planned reboot of Tales From The Crypt. Well, the latest update on the progress of that genre block came back in December, and it wasn't a good one. Granted, the primary hang-up was due to rights issues to the Tales From The Crypt series, which doesn't sound like an issue TNT will have with what they're trying to do with Ridley Scott, assuming he doesn't immediately try to develop something the network doesn't have the rights to. Even so, a healthy amount of skepticism for this sci-fi block wouldn't be the worst thing, as opposed to the crushing disappointment you might feel months later if/when nothing comes of it.

While we wait for more details regarding this collaboration with TNT and Ridley Scott, be sure you're keeping tabs on what's premiering on television via our guide. It also wouldn't hurt to keep an eye on our renewal guide as shows are being canceled left and right these past couple days!

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