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Westworld was renewed for Season 2 some time ago on HBO. Regardless, production time on that series is lengthy and it wasn't renewed quickly enough to get a fall of 2017 release in the same slot as last year. Luckily, the HBO science fiction western is finally back in the saddle, err, in production, and this weekend at Comic-Con, HBO revealed the first footage for Season 2 of Westworld. Bring on the rise of the hosts.

When we left Westworld at the end of Season 1, there was quite a bit of chaos. The Man in Black had revealed himself to be an older version of William, and Ford had revealed to Bernard and Dolores that he had regretted Arnold dying and had come to respect and understand his viewpoints in relation to the hosts. He had set off a sequence of programming to prepare the hosts to fight back and essentially set them free at the end of Season 1, with Dolores first killing Ford and then setting off a rampage in the park. Although the show's producers previously stated Westworld would not pick up right where it left off, it seems as if chaos will still be running supreme in the parks when Season 2 returns.

The trailer opens with a quick look at the saloon's piano, which no longer features crisp sheet music. Instead, the paper that allows the piano to be self-playing is covered in blood. And that's not the last hint we see of death in this trailer. Bernard is standing next to what looks like a dead tiger. Elsewhere in the control area of the theme park company, Maeve comes upon a room just filled with dead individuals. There is more death at the saloon. Later we see Teddy and Dolores fulfilling their destiny, and it's not one of roses and lovemaking. They are on horseback, shooting the tourists who are still left in the park after Ford's unveiling of his latest narrative.

While all of this is happening, there's only one character who is standing back with a little smile quivering on his face. That's none other than The Man in Black aka William, the human whose motive is complicated, but who seems to thrive most while in the brutal park.

william or the man in black westworld season 2

As the trailer notes, Westworld won't be back until 2018, and I honestly anticipated it would be a while before we got any actual footage from the new episodes. And while this first trailer looks to explain some of what will be going on early in in the series, Westworld will be getting 10 brand spanking new episodes, so expect the narrative (see what I did there?) to get more complicated as Season 2 wears on.

As soon as Westworld has an official premiere date, we'll let you know. For now, you can catch Game of Thrones on Sunday nights on HBO, or check out all of the other excellent summer TV offerings with our full premiere schedule. In addition, here's what we know about Season 2 so far.