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Alex and Maggie in Grey's Season 14

There are long running TV shows, and then there's ABC's Grey's Anatomy. The medical drama has just begun its whopping 14th season on the network, once again providing tons of drama, hookups, and crazy surgeries for the hardcore Grey's fandom. The new season will bring the series up to 300 episodes, and ABC has something special planned as Grey's approaches that landmark: an online talk show. Grey's Anatomy: Post-Op will explore the long legacy of the popular series, while celebrating the iconic moments that have kept fans hooked for over a decade.

Grey's Anatomy: Post-Op will air every week leading up to the show's landmark 300th episode. The series will be hosted by actor Gordon James, who has played tertiary figure Nurse Gregory since back in Season 5. A new episode will air on ABC's website every week, and will look back on the show's first 13 years on the network. James will host guests who know the medical drama well, including the writers, producers, crew members, and even some of the starring cast.

For those who can't wait to see what Grey's Anatomy: Post-Op has to offer, rest easy. Because the very first episode is set to premiere this morning, and new episodes will be available the day before each new episode of Grey's. And considering how many crazy twists, turns, and iconic scenes we've seen in the decade and change that the medical drama has been on the air, there's plenty to unpack here.

It should be interesting to see which sequences end up being a focus on Grey's Anatomy: Post-Op. We can assume that music will play a big part in the recaps, as Grey's Anatomy's soundtrack has always been a major character of the series. Artists like Ingrid Michaelson have repeatedly written new songs for the show, which helped to bring an already emotional series to the next level. The show's music ended up inspiring a musical event in Season 7, with the cast participating in musical numbers (particularly Tony Award winner Sara Ramirez).

While this is the first bonafide companion series for Grey's Anatomy, the medical drama has looked back and recapped big moments before in its long tenure. For instance, a clip show was shown early on in the show's run, hosted by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. But this will be the first time that the full run of Grey's is re-opened and explored. Now we have to see how Grey's Anatomy: Post-Op decides which of the many horrifying character deaths is the most important. Plane crash? Bomb? Shooter in the hospital? The surgeons have been through it.

Grey's Anatomy airs new episodes Thursday nights on ABC, and Grey's Anatomy: Post-Op airs Wednesdays online. In the meantime, be sure to check out our fall premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

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