V For Vendetta May Be Headed To TV

V Hugo Weaving V For Vendetta

Those who remember the fifth of November, and are still fans of the Wachowskis' V For Vendetta are in luck. News has leaked out that the graphic novel turned film is possibly heading to British television, so perhaps it's time to dust off that Guy Fawkes mask and practice those words that begin with the letter "V". Here's what we know about the potential series, and how it could differ from the film.

This news comes to us from from Bleeding Cool, which claims they've received confirmation from industry sources that V For Vendetta is coming to television. The series is reportedly being developed by Channel 4, which is known for running shows like Black Mirror and Phillip K. Dick's Electric Dreams. Ironically enough, Channel 4 is a state-owned channel, which may send Alan Moore off the edge more than the Wachowskis' film did when it was released.

The series is said to be an adaptation of the graphic novel, which makes it sound as though this will be a retelling of the same story the Wachowskis did with the V For Vendetta film. Fans of the source material will be pleased, as there were several differences between the film and the graphic novel-- to the point that writer Alan Moore requested that his name be removed from the film's opening credits. With more time to tell the tale, and perhaps less artistic liberties taken, it's possible this new series (should it get produced) will be a more accurate telling of the original story.

As the V For Vendetta series has yet to be officially announced, there aren't any details beyond it being based on the graphic novel. But the actors who assume the roles played by Natalie Portman, Hugo Weaving, and John Hurt have some big shoes to fill. With more and more Hollywood actors jumping overseas to star in bigger television productions, it will be interesting to see who lands the roles, should the project happen.

While the world waits on more V For Vendetta tv news, fans should also be aware that a television adaptation of The Watchmen may be on its way sooner than later as well. For more about writer Alan Moore and his hothead ramblings, be sure to read up on the time he went to war against Dwayne Johnson's Hercules film. For television that exists beyond the world of rumors, there are a TON of great shows making their premiere on our fall premiere guide that cannot be missed. Be sure to check those out as well as our Netflix premiere guide for what's good on streaming.

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